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 Pathfinder International has a long tradition of smart and effective financial stewardship. In fiscal year 2013, eighty-five cents of every dollar went directly to services in some of the world's poorest countries.

Annual Report Total Expenses 2013

This is just one of the reasons Pathfinder International has been listed and approved by several independent organizations that evaluate charities' fiscal and programmatic performance.

  • American Institute of Philanthropy: Pathfinder receives an “A” grade and is a "Top-Rated Charity" that meets all standards set by the American Institute of Philanthropy.
  • The BBB Wise Giving Alliance: Pathfinder International meets the BBB Wise Giving Alliance’s Standards for Charity Accountability.
  • Charity Navigator: Pathfinder has received Charity Navigator’s highest overall rating of 4 stars for accountability and transparency.

Pathfinder's 2013 990 is available online here. Our fiscal year 2013 audited financial report is available here. If you have questions about our financial information, please contact Pathfinder directly at

Annual Reports (2008-2013)

December 2013

The Way We Live: Advancing Health & Rights Through Integration

In a year of remarkable achievement, including Pathfinder’s landmark victory at the US Supreme Court and our return to Bangladesh with a $53.8 million project, what was most exciting? The answer—integration—is the theme of Pathfinder’s 2013 Annual Report.

November 2012

Driving Innovation in Sexual and Reproductive Health

In 2012, Pathfinder went where the need was greatest—the places where women, men, and young people must fight every day to defend their sexual and reproductive health and rights. This annual report explores our successes during fiscal year 2012.

December 2011

Breaking Down Barriers

Pathfinder's 2011 Annual Report, "Breaking Down Barriers," looks at the obstacles people face in accessing sexual and reproductive health care and what Pathfinder has done in the past year to break these barriers down.

December 2010

Driving Change: The Impact of Private Funds

Pathfinder's 2010 Annual Report, "Driving Change: The Impact of Private Funds," highlights recent results made possible through private funds. In the 25 countries where we work, Pathfinder leverages every resources available to help drive change in the developing world.

December 2009

Girl2Woman: Her Right, Her Health, Our Future

Pathfinder's 2009 Annual Report, "Girl2Woman: Her Right, Her Health, Our Future," discusses the importance of reproductive health care throughout a lifetime, from girl to woman. It also highlights a new Pathfinder microsite,

December 2008

Smart Systems, Vibrant Communities, Strong Women

Pathfinder's 2008 Annual Report: "Smart Systems, Vibrant Communities, Strong Women," explores the integral role of systems in all the work we do. The report comes in two pieces: a booklet and a poster.

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The information presented here is drawn from Pathfinder International’s financial statements, audited by Mayer Hoffman McCann P.C. They are available from our headquarters upon request.

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