Ralph Tate

Ralph Tate, the board's finance chair, currently manages investment portfolios for high net worth individuals at Norwottuck View Investment Management, LLC. He joined Pathfinder's board in 2009.

Mr. Tate received his MBA from Stanford University in 1971 and promptly began his professional career at Aetna Life and Casualty Company in Hartford, CT as an Equity Analyst. After several years as an Analyst and a Portfolio Manager, Mr. Tate assumed the role of President of Aetna Equity Investors in 1984 and remained there until 1990.

After leaving Aetna, Mr. Tate was hired by renowned U.S. asset manager and Boston-based firm, Standish, Ayer & Wood as the Managing Director and President and CEO of Standish International Management Company and remained there through 2001. Mr. Tate currently serves on the Standish Mellon Advisory Board, the Investment Committees of the New England Baptist Hospital and the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts, and serves as the Treasurer of Amherst Academy and of the Tunxis Club Board of Governors.

Mr. Tate is an accredited Chartered Financial Analyst.

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