Margaret Kemp Carlson

Vice President of Administration

Margaret is Pathfinder's Vice President of Administration. She manages a broad administration and operations portfolio, including technology, legal, security/risk management, knowledge management, travel, and real estate. She also promotes organization-wide collaboration on systems and processes.

Areas of Expertise: Information Technology, Legal, Facilities, Administration, Security, Finance

Education: BA and MBA Duke University

Joined Pathfinder in: February 2011

Follow Margaret on Twitter: @mgtcarlson

Was there a moment when the importance of Pathfinder's work really hit home for you?
When I saw some of the stories of individual women on the website such as that of a woman named Georgette, who was able to exercise choice in her life because of Pathfinder’s service, I knew that this was an organization with values that matched my own.

What's one thing people often ask you when you say you work at Pathfinder?
People ask me where we get our support. I describe our diversity in funding sources—the US Government, private foundations, governments of other countries, and individual donors. Our broad base of support helps us stay strong and flexible to respond to those who need services most.

Other Pathfinder Staff

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Stacey Perlman

Stacey Perlman is Pathfinder International's Development Coordinator.

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Stephen Redding

Stephen Redding is Pathfinder’s Vice President of Country and Regional Operations. His expertise features work in project management and organizational development and his career has involved more than 30 years of multi-sectorial experience in running country programs and project support both domestically and abroad.

Joseph Petraglia

Joseph Petraglia is Pathfinder International's Senior Advisor for Behavior Change.

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