Mike Zeitouny

Mike Zeitouny

Chief Financial Officer

Mike Zeitouny is Pathfinder's Chief Financial Officer. Mike monitors Pathfinder's financial activities and manages the organization's $101 million budget.

Mike has nearly 25 years of experience in the financial arena. His past roles include work for organizations including the Peace Corps, Habitat for Humanity International, the American Refugee Committee, and Jhpiego.

Mike possesses a strong track record of successful systems and process improvement, risk management, and management of significant organizational growth while maintaining high levels of financial control and performance. In 2010, Mike was named Chief Financial Officer of the Year by the Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal.

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Areas of Expertise: Finance and Administration

Education: MBA at Aspen University

Previously lived and/or worked in: Lebanon, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Guinea, South Africa

Professional Organizations and Affiliations: Financial Executives International

Languages: English, French, Arabic

Joined Pathfinder in: October 2013

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