Eileen Mokaya

Eileen Mokaya

Kenya Country Representative

Eileen Mokaya is Pathfinder International's Country Representative in Kenya.

Eileen has more than 20 years of experience in leadership and management of national, regional, and international development programs in sub-Saharan Africa. Her past experience includes provision of technical leadership in the design, development, management, and evaluation of public health initiatives, including reproductive health. Eileen's past work includes positions with USAID, Hope for the African Children Initiative (HACI), and International Family Health. Before joining Pathfinder International, Eileen worked with the African Centre for Capacity Development.

Areas of Expertise: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Adolescent and Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health, Gender, HIV & AIDS, Contraception & Family Planning, Strategic Planning, Program Design and Management, Financial Management, Capacity Building, Monitoring and Evaluation

Education: PhD in Development Studies, MA in Sociology, BA in Sociology

Previously lived and/or worked in: Botswana, Kenya

Languages: English, Swahili, French

Joined Pathfinder in: October 2012

What's your favorite part about working at Pathfinder?
Making a difference in the lives of people and the communities that we serve, especially the women, children, youth, and marginalized populations

Do you have a personal connection to Pathfinder's work?
My personal connection with Pathfinder started in 1990s, when I started with interacting with Pathfinder staff in the Kenya Country Office. I admired the work they did in reproductive health, especially in family planning. I also admired their approach in working with communities.

What reading would you recommend to those interested in international reproductive health?
I encourage those interested in reproductive health to keep themselves updated with all the international, regional, and national policies and strategies in reproductive health. Read all best practices and lessons learned in service provision

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