Mohammad Murtala Mai

Photo of Mohammad Murtala Mai

Director of Field Support, Evidence to Action Project & Senior Program Director

Mohammad Murtala Mai is the Director of Field Support for the Evidence to Action Project and Senior Program Director at Pathfinder.

Areas of Expertise: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Maternal & Newborn Health, Contraception & Family Planning, Community Mobilization, Community Home-Based Care

Education: MD, MPH, MBA

Previously lived and/or worked in: Ghana, Netherlands, Nigeria

Professional Organizations and Affiliations: Association of Public Health Physician of Nigeria (member), American Public Health Association (member), Core Group (member), Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (member), Frontline Health Workers Coalition (member)

Languages: English, Fulfulde, Hausa

Joined Pathfinder in: February 2002

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