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Navigating support for survivors of gender-based violence in Mozambique

Delfina police officer Mozambique

Analysis of data from two Pathfinder projects—described in more detail in a new publication by Pathfinder—shows that only a small proportion of survivors of gender-based violence accessed services at one-stop centers.

Country: Mozambique
Focus Area: Gender

16 Days of Activism: From the Frontlines in Mozambique

Today, as part of 16 Days of Activism, Pathfinder recognizes individuals who play crucial roles in current gender-based violence prevention and response efforts throughout Mozambique.

Country: Mozambique
Focus Area: Gender

Increasing Contraceptive Use in Mozambique

In 2010, Pathfinder launched the Extending Service Delivery-Family Planning Initiative (ESD-FPI) with support from USAID. Our goal was clear—partner with the Ministry of Health to decrease unmet need for contraception and contribute to a reduction in Mozambique’s high rates of maternal and child death by systematically integrating contraception into existing health services.

Girls should be girls: Standing up for girlhood on International Day of the Girl

IDG blog

On International Day of the Girl, Purnima Mane advocates for ending the cycle of violence, giving adolescent girls a chance to be girls -- letting millions of Malalas grow up fearlessly

Panel stresses coordination and integration to prevent gender-based violence

GBV event photo

A panel gathered on Sept. 26 for "Putting Policy into Practice: Multisectoral Approaches to Prevention of Gender-Based Violence.”

Country: Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania
Focus Area: Gender

Youth voice critical for true investment in their sexual and reproductive future, says panel

Rita Badiani

Rita Badiani, Pathfinder International’s Country Representative in Mozambique, joined a panel discussion at the Wilson Center on investing in youth sexual and reproductive health.

Mobile Scenes: An mHealth Program For & By Youth!

Pathfinder’s “mCenas!” is a first for Mozambique—a text message education campaign that provides contraceptive information to youth (15-24 years old).

Voices from Mozambique: Discussing Ongoing Efforts to Advocate for Safe and Legal Abortion for Women Everywhere

Mozambique Safe Abortion

In honor of the Global Day of Action for Safe and Legal Abortion, Pathfinder spoke with colleagues in Mozambique about the environment for safe abortion and how Mozambique will celebrate this momentous day.

Country: Mozambique
Focus Area: Abortion, Advocacy

Female Condoms in the Spotlight

They’re appealing, versatile—and long overdue for the spotlight. But PATH and our partners still needed a way to give powerful, pleasurable female condoms a starring role in the minds, conversations, and (yes), bedrooms of women and men worldwide.

"Mana" Linda Honored with REAL Award for Championing Family Planning in Mozambique

Known as “Mana” Linda by some, and “Mama” Linda by others, Linda Paquili Amana is inspirational in her commitment to addressing the family planning needs of those in her community.

The Power of Female Condoms in Mozambique

Celia, a maternal and child health nurse in the Machava Area of Mozambique, knows what empowerment looks like. She sees it in the faces of the women she serves when she hands them a female condom.

From the Heart of Mozambique: A Snapshot of Pathfinder’s Family Planning, Safe Abortion, and Capacity Building Work in East Africa

Pathfinder International board member Judy Kahrl chronicles her journey through Mozambique with fellow descendents of Pathfinder founder, Clarence Gamble, highlighting our family planning, safe abortion, and capacity building projects.

Irish Case Shows Need for Clarity in Abortion Legislation Worldwide

Photo of woman with abortion protest sign in Mozambique

Last week, the world’s attention was captured by a young woman who died in an Irish hospital after being denied a voluntary abortion. It is difficult not to see parallels between her case and the fates of too many women who remain unable to get access to safe abortion.

Country: Mozambique
Focus Area: Abortion

More Than "Just Birth Control"

Photo of provider with contraception in Mozambique by Julia Monaghan

In June, Julia Monaghan traveled with a colleague to Inhambane, a province in Mozambique, to observe a mobile clinic providing services to a rural community.

Civil Society Organizes to Change the Abortion Laws and Policy in Mozambique

Photo by Julia Monaghan

Civil society in Mozambique is organizing to impact abortion policy, in order to ensure widespread access to safe, affordable, and non-discriminatory abortion services.

A Proud Display

On his trip to see the SCIP Program in rural Mozambique, Board member Ben Kahrl is inspired by a powerful role model.

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