Reproductive health stories from Pathfinder and beyond

Advancing the Health and Rights Of Young People

Pathfinder’s commitment to youth runs deep. As one of the first organizations to recognize and respond to young people’s unique sexual and reproductive needs, we have implemented adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health projects for over 40 years, in over 40 developing countries.

Remaining Challenges to Providing Safe Abortion in South Africa: Q&A with Pathfinder's Zandile Bakaco

South African Safe Abortion

Pathfinder's Project Coordinator and Nurse Mentor Zandile Bakaco answers questions about the challenges that still remain in providing safe abortion to women and girls in South Africa.

Country: South Africa
Focus Area: Abortion

The Dakuza Clinic: Providing Hope for Young Mothers in South Africa

Stepping into the Dakuza Clinic in rural South Africa was like jumping through a door to a new world. Outside of the clinic, barefooted children played soccer on a dirt road littered with trash.

Snapshots of Safe and Unsafe Abortion Around the World

Photo by Jaime-Alexis Fowler

On Friday, September 28, Pathfinder joins thousands around the world for the Global Day of Action for Safe, Legal Abortion. We asked a few of our stellar staff around the world for their thoughts and stories about the importance of safe abortion.

Country: South Africa, Tanzania
Focus Area: Abortion

A Teenager's Perspective on Sexual and Reproductive Health

Fifteen year-old Susan Cossa highlights the importance of educating young adults about HIV and AIDS, abortion, and reproductive health in her native South Africa.

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