Reproductive health stories from Pathfinder and beyond

“This Is Who I Am. I Know My Rights”

AIDS conference youth panel

When my mom first told me, we were in her bedroom. I could see the worry on her face. After a long silence, she began to talk. In a low voice, she said, “We are HIV positive.”

Country: Uganda
Focus Area: HIV & AIDS

Climate Change: What’s Family Planning Got To Do With It?

The gathering of world leaders this week in Paris to discuss responses to climate change is an opportunity to think about how we can work together to build communities that can grow and prosper in the long term.

Bringing Hope Where Hope Was Lost


I’ll tell you what inspires me. In Uganda, vulnerable communities are working together, bringing hope to where hope was lost.

In Uganda’s Lake Victoria Basin, HoPE is alive


Charles Kabiswa, director of one of Pathfinder's key partner organizations in Uganda, reflects on the success of our HoPE project and celebrates winning a Population Institute Media Award.

Energy and Excitement in Uganda

In Uganda, Sono Aibe notes a shift in the attitude toward family planning.

Ugandan Youth Challenge Gender Norms Thanks to Activity Cards

Samuel Becker_blog

Pathfinder's Activity Cards got Ugandan adolescents thinking about gender, sexual and reproductive health, alcohol, and other issues they face at this time in their life using discussion and debate so they could formulate their own conclusions.

Tuungane: United and Together


Sono Aibe reports from Tanzania, where an annual project review meeting shows just how far communities have come in protecting their resources - and their futures.

Taking Back Our Future

Harriet and her son

When Harriet was 15, two life-changing things happened. The rebel Lord’s Resistance Army finally left Uganda, allowing families like hers to return to what was left of their homes. That same year, she gave birth to her first child. Suddenly, she and her husband, Emmanuel, had to look to the future. But that seemed impossible.

“We Space Our Children Like We Space Our Trees. So They Grow Big and Strong."

At 15, Fausta gave birth to her first child. By 23, she had four. Like many girls on Uganda’s Bussi Island, Fausta felt pressure to marry young and grow her family fast.

Reaching the Invisible Woman: The Right to Maternal Care

Mother and child in Peru

If you were suffering from a medical emergency, how long would it take you to reach a hospital? Could you afford an ambulance to take you there?

Country: Uganda
Focus Area: Maternal & Newborn Health

What Do Fisheries Have to Do With Reproductive Health?

By midmorning, the sun heats the beaches of Jaguzi, a small island in Uganda. Fishermen find relief under the shade of a large tree. Behind them, Lake Victoria stretches for more than 200 miles.

Our Kids Need Us: One Family’s Struggle to Survive

By 25, Betty had four children. Her last delivery nearly killed her, when she lost too much blood. “I survived but never regained my health,” says Betty.

This is My Life. You Can’t Have It.

What if—in one instant—your dreams were stolen from you? Could you be as strong as Clara, a young woman from Uganda, and take them back?

No More Controversy: Same Sex Rights Are Human Rights

MSM Community Members

At the end of a year that has witnessed some real victories around the world for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights, we at Pathfinder were shocked to hear the news from Uganda today.

Country: India, Uganda
Focus Area: Advocacy

Lucy Shillingi Sheds Light on Solar Suitcase's Role in Pathfinder's Maternal Health Work

Solar Suitcase

The idea of a solar suitcase was born in Nigeria when American doctor Laura Stachel witnessed physicians performing an emergency cesarean section on a woman even after the lights went out. In countries like Nigeria, giving birth can be a risk to both the life of the mother and her child for a myriad of reasons. Giving birth is even riskier without dependable access to adequate lighting and the electricity that supports it.

Women Who Dare: Susan Akajo Oregede Challenges Gender Norms in Uganda

Susan Oregede

Susan Akajo Oregede has dedicated the past several years of her life to changing gender norms in Uganda, daring to challenge resistance, tradition, and even her community’s leaders to address issues like women’s equality, gender-based violence, and adolescent sexuality.

Family Planning Around a Campfire

Photo of men around a campfire in Uganda, discussing family planning

To reach the village of Kitugutu, you must be prepared. “The road is not good. You have to move out of your car and walk. It can be terrible, and on a motorcycle—deadly.” None of this stops Harriet Kengonzi, a registered midwife, from making the trip to provide essential family planning, maternal health, and HIV care.

Innovation by Solar Lamp Powers Family Planning Services, Poverty Reduction, and Clean Energy Use

Pathfinder International's Country Director in Uganda, Lucy Shillingi, shares her experience as a part of a dynamic project in rural Uganda where young women are empowering themselves and their communities providing family planning services by the light of solar lamps.

The Barriers I See in Bundibugyo

Photo by Esimundara Yeremia

These barriers have caused pregnant women in our community to suffer needlessly. I look forward to a day when these barriers are overcome and all women can access the reproductive health services they need and deserve.

The Energy in the Room Was Electric

Excitement fills the room at Pathfinder's launch event for a new Lake Victoria Integrated Community-Managed Population, Health and Environment Project that is set to unfold in Uganda and Kenya.

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