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Now is the Time: The Battle to Make Long-Acting Contraceptive Methods Available to Young People

Youth Day

We’re calling on our leaders, our peers, and ourselves to act. Together, we can use the Consensus Statement as a tool to address the many barriers our young people face in accessing contraception.

Shaking Up the Conversation about LARCs for Youth

Ethiopia LARCs

We have to stop talking about how full method choice is crucial for adolescents and youth and look at how we can take action to overcome the barriers they face to full access and choice of contraceptive methods, including long-acting reversible contraceptives.

I’m Taking Control of My Health & Future

When Nadjoari married at 14, she was a child. She didn’t want to marry, but she was left with no choice.

Marriage Will Be My Choice


What if at the age of 15, your parents introduced you to your husband? If this happened to you, would you be as strong as Jailata?

Global Commitments, Local Actions: Keeping the Momentum Going After ICFP


What a week in Bali! I joined more than 50 Pathfinders and thousands of family planning advocates for the International Conference on Family Planning in Indonesia.

Agency and Access: Why LARCs Are Significant to the Narrative of Family Planning

It is imperative for me, as a young woman, to be an active supporter of the Global Consensus Statement for Expanding Contraceptive Choice for Adolescents and Youth to Include Long-Acting Reversible Contraception, which will be celebrated at the conference in Bali.

Power, Protection, and Pleasure with Female Condoms

MZ female condom day

At a female condom demonstration, adolescents can hear about sex in a positive way. They learn about contraception, about sexually transmitted diseases, and they ask questions—all in an environment where this kind of conversation is encouraged.

Offering Teens a Real Choice: Long-Acting Reversible Contraception


Safe, effective contraception can be a modern miracle for people who want a healthy sex life, but don’t want to conceive a child. And our world's young people deserve access to the many kinds of contraception available, including long-acting reversible methods.

New Film Engages Nigerien Youth Around Their Sexual and Reproductive Health

Binta’s Dilemma sparks conversations among young Nigeriens about sexual and reproductive health -- including topics like pressure to marry and have children early, use of contraceptives before and during marriage, and young women’s right to an education.

Our Global Impact in 2014

2014 was a great year for Pathfinder, and we are SO PROUD to share our accomplishments with you. Take a look at our infographic!

Advancing the Health and Rights Of Young People

Pathfinder’s commitment to youth runs deep. As one of the first organizations to recognize and respond to young people’s unique sexual and reproductive needs, we have implemented adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health projects for over 40 years, in over 40 developing countries.

Shining a Light on Married Girls

Pathfinder believes every girl deserves a childhood. In Burkina Faso, Guinea, and Niger, we're addressing the needs of urgent health needs of married girls and young women—an extremely underserved group.

33 Million Strong: Investing in Ethiopia’s Future

Ethiopia YFS

To celebrate the latest results from our Integrated Family Health Program we asked our senior expert in adolescent sexual and reproductive health in Ethiopia, Worknesh Kereta Abshiro, to share three reasons why she believes your support is helping transform Ethiopia and save young lives.

The Women Who Dare to Dream On International Women's Day


Purnima Mane pictures a world where women never hesitate, never falter, never waiver in their confidence and belief in themselves to honor and celebrate International Women's Day.

From Uganda to Egypt: Activity Cards Address Sexual Violence, Educate Egypt’s Youth

Activity Cards Egypt

As part of the Ford Foundation-funded “I Know, I Decide” project, the Pathfinder and the Egyptian Family Planning Association adapted the GREAT project Activity Cards to fit Egypt’s unique social and political context.

Twenty years after ICPD, adolescent sexual and reproductive health still a challenge

Journal launch

On December 15, Pathfinder joined the Youth Health and Rights Coalition, the Evidence to Action project, USAID and the World Health Organization to launch the Journal of Adolescent Health’s special supplement on adolescent sexual and reproductive health.

Ugandan Youth Challenge Gender Norms Thanks to Activity Cards

Samuel Becker_blog

Pathfinder's Activity Cards got Ugandan adolescents thinking about gender, sexual and reproductive health, alcohol, and other issues they face at this time in their life using discussion and debate so they could formulate their own conclusions.

A New and Necessary Focus on First-Time Parents

Addressing the sexual and reproductive health of mothers younger than 25 and their partners, referred to as first-time parents, is an integral part of meeting global health goals—curbing the unmet need for contraception, addressing high rates of unintended pregnancy and perinatal mortality—and applying a rights-based approach to delivery of sexual and reproductive health services.

Girls Should Be Girls: Standing Up for Girlhood on International Day of the Girl

IDG blog

On International Day of the Girl, Purnima Mane advocates for ending the cycle of violence, giving adolescent girls a chance to be girls -- letting millions of Malalas grow up fearlessly

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