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In India With Pathfinder

When I learned about the 2014 Friends of Pathfinder trip to India, I immediately knew I wanted to go.

“We Space Our Children Like We Space Our Trees. So They Grow Big and Strong."

At 15, Fausta gave birth to her first child. By 23, she had four. Like many girls on Uganda’s Bussi Island, Fausta felt pressure to marry young and grow her family fast.

10 Ways the Integrated Family Health Program Is a Game-Changer for Ethiopia

For the past five years, millions of women, men, and young people throughout Ethiopia have been touched by the Integrated Family Health Program, led by Pathfinder International and JSI and funded by USAID.

11 Global Health Reads to Pick Up This Week (As Recommended by Pathfinder Staff)

It’s officially spring and World Health Day is on its way (April 7th)! I don’t know about you, but I often enjoy the weather with book in hand. Here are eleven great global health reads as recommended by Pathfinder staff.

Witnessing Empowerment: How One Girl Taught Me Small Changes Create Big Impact

Sitting on the floor of a modest concrete building in Bihar, India, 21 year-old Nicky recalled how, as a teenager, she convinced her parents not to marry her off. I’ve heard many stories similar to hers but this time, I was witnessing empowerment with my own eyes.

The World’s Young Women Speak On Unintended Pregnancy and Abortion

Photo of woman with abortion protest sign in Mozambique

The Postabortion Care Consortium recently asked young people from around the world to share their perspectives on abortion care. Here's what they had to say.

My Implant Is My Badge of Honor

Dorothy was married and pregnant by 18. By 22, she had five children. That’s what happens when you are a woman living with no choice about your body.

7 Reasons Early Marriage Happens in Bihar, India and Why It’s Harmful

Ending Early Marriage, PRACHAR

For the past several years, Pathfinder has worked to prevent early marriage in Bihar and other parts of Eastern India through projects like PRACHAR and initiatives like JAGRITI.

A Road Taken: Why We Do the Work We Do

The Road Taken, Ethiopia

From time to time, I’m asked the question, “Why do you do the work that you do?” In turn, I ask “Why wouldn’t I want to do the work I do?”

It's Not About Choice; It's About Choices

What if your best option for contraception was off limits, simply because of your age? This is a reality for many young people who want to use contraceptive implants. But it doesn't have to be this way.

Opportunity Now: Jobs & Health for Women in Egypt

In 2011, Pathfinder launched the Fostering Opportunities in Rural Southern Areas project. Last week, Pathfinder Project Director, Reem Mehanna, sat down to share an update. Read why she says FORSA is a “women’s project” and why it couldn’t have come at a better time.

The Space to Talk and Be Heard

Youth site visit discussion

Conferences like the International Conference on Family Planning (ICFP) are exciting—thousands of advocates, old and new friends and colleagues, and new evidence of what works to advance sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Confession: I Often Take Choice for Granted

Full Access, Full Choice

I call to refill my birth control prescription at the very last second, expecting my pharmacist to turn over the refill in minutes. I'm usually zooming down Massachusetts Ave., late for work. I don't have the patience to wait in line. I don't even have cash on me.

Mobile Scenes: An mHealth Program For & By Youth!

Pathfinder’s “mCenas!” is a first for Mozambique—a text message education campaign that provides contraceptive information to youth (15-24 years old).

Young People Are Making Noise - and We Should Listen

First lady of Kenya with ovc

Last month, Kenya’s First Lady Margaret Gakuo was invited to take a stroll down a red carpet at an event supporting local orphans and vulnerable children. But the first lady was far from the star of the show.

The Right to Be a Girl: Moving from Rhetoric to Reality

International Day of Girl Child

2013 has been an exciting year for girls. The rallying cry for girls’ education, ending early marriage, and preventing gender-based violence is resonating with a more global audience than ever before.

Let's Talk About Sex: Celebrating Honest and Open Conversation on World Contraception Day

Youth should be a time for learning, discovery, and growth. Unfortunately, in many parts of the world, youth can also be a time in which young people are denied access to the information they may need most—information about their bodies.

The Dakuza Clinic: Providing Hope for Young Mothers in South Africa

Stepping into the Dakuza Clinic in rural South Africa was like jumping through a door to a new world. Outside of the clinic, barefooted children played soccer on a dirt road littered with trash.

In Celebration of International Youth Day: Four Resources Guiding and Informing Our Work with Adolescents and Youth

Amalia, activist in Mozambique

Simply put—Pathfinder is dedicated to young people. We have worked with adolescents and youth for decades because we believe that their rights, their health, and their well being matters.

'I Have Seen My Friends Die': Why We Need to Talk Frankly About Girls' Reproductive Health

Last year, on World Population Day, I was in London with a range of world leaders for the Family Planning Summit. There, a global movement was catalyzed. Our goal: ensure 120 million more women and girls have access to contraception by 2020.

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