Share Your Story: How Did You First Learn About the Birds and the Bees?

Youth with condoms

How did you first learn about sex or contraception? Chances are, your story is unique.

Pathfinder International's Writer Maren Vespia shared, "When I was seven, I was terrified I was pregnant. I was in no way sexually active, but I did kiss a neighbor a lot and was, simultaneously, getting chubby. Look, I cried a lot. Then I did the only thing I could think of—corner my mom in her bathroom and confess. As soon as I blurted the word 'pregnant,' my mom flashed a smile. Then she gave me a long hug and the lesson began. Eleven years later, on a weekend home from college, I sought out my mom again. I asked her if we could take a drive. I had some questions about contraception."

Pathfinder is collecting inspirational and funny stories like Maren's about young people's first encounter with the idea of sex and birth control.

Share your story in the comments section for a chance to have it featured on Pathfinder's World Contraception Day blog.

Rest assured that Pathfinder will not share your name or contact information in association with the story—unless you want us to! 

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I first learned about sex from...myself! I was a very, um, curious child who liked to explore lots of things with her hands. At a very, very young age, I discovered on my own that when you touch yourself in certain feels awesome! Only later on, while watching the Titanic movie sex scene at a friend's house (which I wasn't allowed to be watching at the time) did I learn that sex is something that TWO people can be involved in! Fascinated, I attempted to recreate Kate Winslet's sweaty handprint on the car window on my own in the shower in a completely non-sexual way for years after that. I am still looking for that special person who will make me leave sweaty handprints on my car windows.
Name September 5, 2013
Staff submission: "When I was quite small, maybe 5, I was very concerned that I might be pregnant because my belly was quite round and I 'knew' from the neighbor children that girls got pregnant by swallowing watermelon seeds. But my parents always spoke openly with me about sexuality and in particular I remember my mother showing me the classic 1965 book of photographs, A Child is Born, to explain fertilization, fetal development and birth to me. "
Pathfinder August 29, 2013
Twitter submission: "(I first learned about sex) from a boy I had a crush on who sat next to me, said, 'Wanna screw?' and then opened his hand to show me a screw. You have to agree, his method would in no way cause a pregnancy."
Pathfinder August 29, 2013
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