My First Year At Pathfinder

Purnima Mane in Tanzania

A letter from Pathfinder International President and CEO Purnima Mane to our supporters, marking her one-year anniversary at Pathfinder:

Thank you for an unforgettable first year at Pathfinder! It is hard to believe I have been a part of this remarkable organization for only 12 months.

I grew up in a household where dinner conversations often centered on solutions to the social inequities that foster gender-based health disparities—the cornerstone of our work here at Pathfinder.

Maybe that’s why I sometimes feel like I have always been a part of the Pathfinder family. But I am as inspired today as I was on day one by the results of our work. And just as challenged by what remains to be done.

Every day, I have the honor of guiding our dedicated staff as they contribute to improving the lives of women, men, and youth around the world. Whether they are providing support to community home-based care providers in Tanzania, or reducing the number of girls who get married and have children before completing their education in Bihar, India, our work is making a difference.

I am as inspired today as I was on day one by the results of our work. And just as challenged by what remains to be done.I am committed to leading Pathfinder to reach even more people in need and to empower communities to find creative solutions to their sexual and reproductive health challenges.

I am also inspired by dedicated, generous, and passionate supporters like you. Nothing we accomplish would be possible without your support. Your energy fuels our activities every day.

I have been fortunate to meet with many of you, our stakeholders, this year. Whether you are our partners and staff in India, Ethiopia, Kenya, or Tanzania; or our incredible supporters and partners in the US; or like-minded institutional representatives like those at the Family Planning Summit in London or the International AIDS Conference in DC; these encounters have inspired me as we begin to draw the next five years of Pathfinder’s road map to success.

As I embark on my second year, I look forward to new opportunities to share our work with you. I look forward to finding new ways to connect you with the people that we serve together. And I look forward to being inspired by the actions, big and small, that you will do for women and men around the world.

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