The World’s Young Women Speak On Unintended Pregnancy and Abortion

Photo of woman with abortion protest sign in Mozambique

The Postabortion Care Consortium recently asked young people from around the world to share their perspectives on family planning, unintended pregnancy, postabortion care, and health services for youth. The video highlights the specific challenges young women face in accessing quality care and shows the importance of meeting the reproductive health needs of youth worldwide.

Here’s what they had to say:

PAC Youth Voices

The World Health Organization estimates that about 3.2 million adolescent women in developing countries resort to unsafe abortion annually.

Nearly 90 percent of young people live in developing countries, where abortion is usually illegal. Adolescents who seek postabortion services often have very different needs and experiences than their adult counterparts. Young people are more vulnerable to unwanted pregnancy and unsafe abortion due to power imbalances, poverty, sexual and gender-based violence, as well as traditional and cultural values that prevent access to sexual and reproductive health information and services.

The World Health Organization estimates that about 3.2 million adolescent women in developing countries resort to unsafe abortion annually. Adolescents are more apt to delay seeking an abortion which increases their risk of complications. Young women also often resort to cheaper and unsafe providers and frequently delay seeking care for abortion-related complications once they occur. As a result, they are most at risk for serious complications from unsafe abortion.

More about the Postabortion Care Consortium

The Postabortion Care (PAC) Consortium’s Youth-Friendly PAC Task Force was formed to address the needs of adolescents by developing guidance on youth-friendly PAC services. The group has developed a model for youth-friendly PAC services, shares resources, and develops programs to prevent unsafe abortion and provide sensitive and appropriate postabortion care for adolescent clients.

If you are interested in joining the Youth-Friendly Task Force, please e-mail Callie Simon at Pathfinder: and Catherine Packer at FHI 360:

Gwyn Hainsworth

Gwyn Hainsworth is Pathfinder International's Senior Advisor for Adolescent and Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health.

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