Why I Support Pathfinder: Q&A with Shannon Wu

Pathfinder Donor, Shannon Wu

Q: Why do you care about Pathfinder’s mission?

Shannon: To us, it’s a given. Most women in America have access to knowledge and health care when it comes to their sexual and reproductive life. But in other parts of the world, women’s health is almost always the last thing to be discussed or taken care of, if at all. I believe that Pathfinder’s work is essential to millions of women around the world whose health is otherwise ignored.

Q: Your support has historically been “unrestricted,” meaning that we can use it wherever it is needed most. What about how Pathfinder operates provides you with the confidence to give without conditions?

Shannon: Pathfinder has a track record of delivering excellent result for donor funded projects. But there are areas in the world that major donors have not been to or have less interest in exploring. I think it is important for Pathfinder to utilize its experiences and expertise to identify new priorities and new territories and thus be able to help more women in need.

Q: This year, you also chose to give to a groundbreaking new project in China. Why?

Shannon: I’m from China and I know that migrant workers give to the society a lot and usually take very little. They leave home at a very young age and often struggle to survive. Traditionally, reproductive health is not a topic that people talk about. I think this project could set an example of how to educate young workers, improve health, both physical and mental, while also increasing productivity. To use a cliché, it is “win win.”

Q: Why is CHOICE important to you?

Shannon: I believe making decisions about one’s body and health is a basic human right that everybody should have. Women will not be an equal part of the community and society if they cannot make decisions about reproduction. I believe offering choice is offering the opportunity for women to participate and contribute to the society as equally as men.

Pathfinder Donor, Shannon Wu

Shannon Wu

Shannon Wu has been working as a human resources executive for different multinational corporations for over a decade. She supports organizations that promote health, civil liberty, women's rights and the arts.

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