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Without Fear or Boundary in Haiti

When the earthquake struck Haiti in 2010, it displaced more than 1.5 million Haitians. For much of Haiti’s recent history, people have faced significant challenges accessing the health services they need. 69% of married women aren’t using a modern method of contraception. 15,000 people become infected with HIV each year.

We believe every person has the right to sexual and reproductive health care. 20 years ago, Pathfinder helped prevent maternal deaths in Haiti by expanding access to contraception and lifesaving postabortion care. Today we’re partnering with the government to provide millions of Haitians with the services they need and the quality of care they deserve.


What We Do in Haiti

  • Address people’s needs holistically through a healthcare package that includes contraception, maternal and child health, HIV prevention and treatment, and other services
  • Strengthen health centers, satellite clinics, and community health workers so more people in more places have access to high-quality services
  • Pioneer the use of digital technology to collect and use data in real time, help community health workers improve care, and monitor clients
  • Focus on the unique sexual and reproductive health needs of adolescents—the largest generation of young people in history—as they come of age
  • Strengthen partner organizations that best understand local needs and can continue to deliver services long-term

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Services de Santé de Qualité pour Haïti

When the earthquake struck Haiti in...

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