In Mozambique since 1997.

In Mozambique, 11.5% of the adult population is HIV-positive, the eighth highest prevalence rate in the world. Across southern African, unsafe abortion accounts for a death rate of 460 per 100,000. And 88% of married women ages 15-49 in Mozambique aren’t using a method of contraception.

With a third of the population between 10-24 years old, Mozambique is at a crossroads—the time is now to empower young people with information so they protect their health. In partnership with government and community stakeholders, we’re working in 9 of 11 provinces in Mozambique to bring sexual and reproductive health care to those who need it most.


What We Do in Mozambique

  • Build a strong local response to sexual and gender-based violence so survivors get the help they need without delay
  • Support key populations—including men who have sex with men and female sex workers—as these groups are not only at higher risk for HIV, but also experience the most stigma in seeking services
  • Strengthen health centers and community health workers so more people—especially young people—have access to the contraceptive information and services they need
  • Work alongside local and international organizations to challenge restrictive policies and inspire policymakers and communities to take action to remove barriers to sexual and reproductive rights
  • Stop preventable maternal deaths by making sure women can access high-quality, respectful maternal care at every point—from their homes to the health facility

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Meet Our Staff

Riaz Mobaracaly

Senior Country Representative

Luc Van der Veken

Deputy Chief of Party

Rita Badiani

Director of the Evidence to Action Project

Together, we can ensure a path forward for all.