In Pakistan since 1985.

Each year in Pakistan, about 9,700 women die from complications in pregnancy and childbirth. That’s 26 maternal deaths each day. Millions lack the health services they need. 74% of married women ages 15-49 aren’t using an effective method of contraception.

Pathfinder believes everyone has a right to lifesaving sexual and reproductive health care. We’re making sure the people of Pakistan can exercise this right. From Punjab to Sindh, we work closely with governments to break down barriers to contraception—so more people can protect their health and futures. For over 30 years and counting, see how our work changes lives.


What We Do in Pakistan

  • Support the government to achieve its strong FP2020 commitment—55% of married women ages 15-49 using contraception by 2020.
  • Create champions for healthy timing and spacing of pregnancy, gaining the support of government officials to improve policies, programs, and budgets for contraception
  • Work closely with provincial governments to create “costed implementation plan”—a five-year clear roadmap for achieving their goals for contraception
  • Strengthen health providers and lady health workers, so more people in more places can get high-quality sexual and reproductive health services
  • Mobilize community leaders, including religious leaders, to support healthy timing and spacing of pregnancy

Discover Our Projects

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Meet Our Staff

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Tauseef Ahmed

Senior Technical Advisor

Tabinda Sarosh

Country Representative

Together, we can ensure a path forward for all.