In Uganda since 1957.

In Uganda, only 30% of married women (15-49 years of age) use an effective method of contraception. The average woman gives birth to 5.8 children in her lifetime. We work to ensure all Ugandans have the right to make free and informed choices about their bodies and futures.

For over 50 years, our commitment to the people of Uganda has never wavered. As a 20-year civil war raged, and all other US-based sexual and reproductive health organizations withdrew their assistance, Pathfinder remained. Today, we continue to defend the health and rights of Uganda’s most underserved people, so they can choose their own path forward.


What We Do in Uganda

  • Implement programs led and owned by Ugandans, who can keep services going long after we leave
  • Connect communities and health systems so people, including those living with HIV, receive the contraceptive services they need and the quality of care they deserve
  • Make sure a full range of contraceptive methods are always available, so people of all ages can choose the option that’s best for them
  • Focus on the unique sexual and reproductive health needs of young people—nearly half of Uganda’s population
  • Mobilize remote communities to advance their reproductive rights and economic opportunity, while sustainably managing their natural resources—because it’s all connected
  • Partner with communities to tackle the root causes of gender inequality so women and men, girls and boys have equal opportunities

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