Charitable Gift Annuities

What is a Charitable Gift Annuity?

A charitable gift annuity is a contract between you and Pathfinder backed by Pathfinder’s assets and good faith. It’s simple:

  1. You transfer cash or publicly traded securities to Pathfinder in exchange for Pathfinder’s agreement to pay you (or anyone else you choose) a fixed income for life.
  2. The payout is a fixed dollar amount that does not change over the lifetime of the annuitant(s).
  3. Upon the death of the last annuitant, the remaining principal becomes fully available to Pathfinder for its general purposes.

What are the Benefits?

Would you like to share more of your wealth with women, men, and young people in the developing world, but hesitate to do so because you are concerned about your own future?

A gift annuity provides you with a secure income for the remainder of your life, often at a rate that is higher than the return produced by your current investments. This combination of a life income for you and a generous gift to Pathfinder of the remainder allows you to act now. Additional benefits: a current deduction from income taxes and an annual income that is only partially subject to tax.

How is the Rate of Income Determined?

Pathfinder follows the standards and guidelines of The American Council on Gift Annuities (ACGA) in setting payout rates and general policies. Additional information about the ACGA is available through its website,

Current rates vary from 4.5% to 11.3%, depending on ages and number of annuitants. Annuities can be issued for one or two lives. A schedule of rates is available from Pathfinder or can be viewed at Pathfinder does not issue gift annuities to residents of some states because of state regulations, which result in high administrative costs.

To learn more or to request further details, please contact:
Athelia A. Tilson
Director of Development

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