Life Insurance Policies

If you hold a life insurance policy which you or your family no longer need, consider donating it to Pathfinder International. Perhaps you’ve paid off your mortgage and no longer need it or your children have gone on to rewarding careers. There can be significant tax advantages to naming Pathfinder as the owner of your policy.

Assigning your life insurance policy to Pathfinder gives you a significant charitable deduction.

If you no longer need to protect against the risk for which you purchased your policy, you can donate it to Pathfinder in two different ways.

  1. To enjoy an immediate tax deduction, you make your gift by naming Pathfinder International the irrevocable owner and beneficiary of a paid-up insurance policy on your life. Contact your insurance agent or company for a Change of Ownership form. Be sure to provide us with a copy of the form and we can help you determine the amount of your income tax deduction.
  2. You can also add Pathfinder as one of your beneficiaries of the policy. Simply ask your insurance agent or your insurance company to furnish you with a Change of Beneficiary form.

To learn more or to request further details, please contact:
Scott Schroeder 
Vice President, External Relations 

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