Retirement Plans

You can include Pathfinder in your estate by naming us as a beneficiary of your retirement plan. Simply download a change of beneficiary form from your plan provider’s website or call to request such a form from your provider. Name Pathfinder to receive a percentage of whatever might remain in your retirement plan at your death.

Directing retirement plan assets to Pathfinder has significant tax advantages:

  • Unlike the situation when you or your heirs make withdrawals from the plan, withdrawals by Pathfinder are not subject to federal or state income taxes.
  • The full value of each dollar designated to Pathfinder can be used in support of women and families in developing countries.
  • Adding this provision to your retirement plan is a low-cost way to include Pathfinder in your estate. You only need the cost of a stamp!

To learn more or to request further details, please contact:
Scott Schroeder 
Vice President, External Relations 

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