To these young women, the female condom is a game changer

In some parts of the world, a woman asking a man to wear a condom is counter to cultural practices. A female condom puts the power and protection in her hands. Pathfinder is on the ground around the world working to tear down these barriers and we need your help.

September 16 is Global Female Condom Day. Join us in spreading the word about female condoms! Below are three ways you can learn more about our work. Show your support for Pathfinder by sharing these stories with family and friends.

Three things you can do:

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The more people who understand the issues, the more voices we have calling for change.

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Celia's Story: "The Power of Female Condoms in Mozambique"

Celia in front of health clinic

Celia, a maternal and child health nurse in the Machava Area of Mozambique, knows what empowerment looks like. She sees it in the faces of the women she serves when she hands them a condom made just for women.

notes from mozambique: Female condoms in action


Nina Yengo, our adolescent sexual and reproductive health officer in Mozambique, looks on proudly as high school students watch a female condom demonstration.

Young people throughout Mozambique are now hearing about sex in a positive way. They’re learning about contraception and they’re asking questions.


Can a female condom be worn if a woman has had a total hysterectomy? How does it stay in place if there is no cervix for the ring to fit around? sell website traffic
sell website traffic December 14, 2014
This will be a game changer for the people who live in the countries with HIV and aids. I hope the people there will really use this because it could save a lot of lives. futuristic architecture
dean April 10, 2014
Hi Debra, Thanks for a great question! One can still use the female condom even if they have had a hysterectomy, whether or not they have had their cervix removed. It still should stay in place, in either case.
Candace Lew, Senior Technical Advisor for Contraception, Pathfinder International September 18, 2013
Can a female condom be worn if a woman has had a total hysterectomy? How does it stay in place if there is no cervix for the ring to fit around?
Debra August 30, 2013
The courage and beauty of these women inspires women to do all we can to help them spread the word.
Bryna Pizzo April 9, 2013
I read The Power of Female Condoms in Mozambique. I think women who dare there, especially, are very brave. The woman doesn't always have the "right" to control whether or not she becomes pregnant or has sex. To me, that is truly daring.
Lynn Price April 9, 2013

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