Maternal & Newborn Health

99% of the world’s maternal deaths occur in developing countries every year. 1 in 12 children in sub-Saharan Africa dies before their 5th birthday (compared to 1 in 147 in high-income countries). Most of these deaths are preventable.

We believe where you live shouldn’t dictate whether you live or die. More than half of the maternal deaths each year occur in just nine countries—and Pathfinder works in all of them. We know that healthy mothers mean healthier babies, healthier communities, and healthier nations. From a remote corner of Tanzania to rural Nigeria, our work bridges the distance between pregnant women and the health care they need.


What We Do

  • Stop preventable maternal deaths by making sure women can access care at every stage—before, during, and after her pregnancy
  • Mobilize communities to identify danger signs in pregnancy—like post-partum hemorrhage—and activate transport systems, so women can reach facilities in time to save their lives
  • Make sure every woman has access to the information and health care—from her home to the health facility—to safely deliver her baby and care for herself and her children
  • Train providers on current standards and guidelines of care so they can counsel women throughout pregnancy and childbirth with dignity and respect
  • Prevent the transmission of HIV from mother to child by identifying and supporting pregnant women who are HIV-positive
  • Link health systems with communities to make sure mothers and babies receive the quality care they need

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Meet Our Staff

Katharine Hutchinson

Senior Technical Advisor for Sexual & Reproductive Health & Rights

Habeeb Salami

Associate Director

Marie-Claude Mbuyi

Senior Technical Advisor

Dolorosa Duncan

Regional Manager
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Chantal Inamahoro

Country Director

Farouk Jega

Senior Country Director

Together, we can ensure a path forward for all.