Safe Abortion Care

Women in the developing world have over 40 million more abortions than women in developed countries—and deaths due to unsafe abortion account for 13% of all maternal deaths.

Pathfinder believes access to safe and legal abortion is an integral part of a woman’s right to decide whether and when to have children. Every woman should have the power to determine what is best for her wellbeing and to choose her own path forward. We seek to ensure access to comprehensive abortion care for all women. We bring choice where there is none.


What We Do

  • Expand sexual and reproductive health care to include quality, comprehensive abortion services, including lifesaving postabortion care and contraception to prevent unintended pregnancies
  • Train providers to sensitively counsel and provide abortion services to women of all ages without judgment or bias
  • Partner with communities to overcome the stigma and barriers that result in higher mortality and morbidity for young women from unsafe abortion
  • Advocate with leaders in government, civil society, and the health system, alerting them to the devastating impact of restrictive abortion laws and helping establish more supportive policies
  • Bring reproductive choice closer to underserved communities by expanding access to non-surgical, medical abortion (i.e., the use of Misoprostol)

Discover Our Projects

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Meet Our Staff

Riaz Mobaracaly

Senior Country Representative

Mustafa Kudrati

Senior Country Representative

Miguel Gutiérrez

Country Representative

Katharine Hutchinson

Senior Technical Advisor for Sexual & Reproductive Health & Rights

Rita Badiani

Director of the Evidence to Action Project

Together, we can ensure a path forward for all.