Pathfinder Celebrates "Women Who Dare"

In Honor of International Women's Day 2013 on March 8


Women around the world dare every day. For them, it isn't about a holiday or special occasion. It's about seeing a need and working to make a difference. That's why Pathfinder will continue to honor "Women Who Dare" here past International Women's Day. Make sure to check back for new stories in the coming weeks!

Susan Oregede

Pinki KumariNafis Sadik

Sharon Allison

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Melinda Gates

Christy Turlington

Every day, women around the world dare.

They dare to dream and to lead. They dare to challenge the status quo. And they dare to speak out for those who lack the resources to advocate for themselves.

This International Women’s Day, Pathfinder celebrates women who dare at all levels.

From the woman who musters the courage to ask her husband to wear a condom counter to cultural practices to the woman in Parliament who demands affordable access to reproductive health services for the women who need them most, daring knows no scale or status.

We applaud the women who dare to tell the world that it's not doing enough. That it can do better for the world's billions of women and girls. That a frank and honest conversation about sexual and reproductive health is not something that can be ignored just because it's difficult to talk about.

Between now and International Women’s Day, dare to join us!

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Ask Congress to stand for women and girls by protecting the family planning budget and passing the International Violence Against Women Act.

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Dare to tell the world that you believe in sexual and reproductive health and rights for all.

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Jill Sheffield
"There are times when I feel like I live out on a limb. And it seems like I can hear the saws most of the time. But that’s ok." - Jill Sheffield


What does "daring" mean to you? Tell us below!

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DARING means a very big word for me as an INDIAN WOMEN.It am no less than a man and i fight for my right to be respected ,heard and the right to live as equal in a mans world
PAYAL January 27, 2014
Doing what is right, not easy.
Audrey Storch July 24, 2013
daring is to come fowarding without fearing any thing and some time even you dont get support your just doing things sa long as they make sence
laicky gugu March 29, 2013
dareing to me means taking chances, doing something you would never usually do to help other. Helping others no matter what the cost to you, just living ur life with others in mind
liz hornbeck March 11, 2013
Daring means to come out for the better
african child network March 9, 2013


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