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Chevron Donates Ambulance to Bibiyana Clinic

Chevron Bangladesh President Kevin Lyon handed over an ambulance for two Smiling Sun clinics, established by Chevron to serve the communities near its Bibiyana gas field. Implemented by international NGO Pathfinder International, the clinics are under the nationwide USAID-sponsored Smiling Sun Franchise Program.

Saving Pregnant Mothers: Red Flag Approach

Pathfinder's Surjer Hashi Clinic (Smiling Sun) has unified Bangladesh's Teknaf community towards one goal: save pregnant mother. Among the many innovations introduced by clinic, one has been the demarcation of houses occupied by pregnant mothers with red flags - enabling neighbors to come together and help that particular family when required.

"As Mariam Bibi, near 30 with two children said in her own words, 'When I was pregnant the second time, my husband, a small trader was unable to take proper care for me. Moreover, our house is so far from upazila health complex, regular check-ups were not possible. In the mean time Surjer Hashi Clinic came forward to help me prevent health problems associated with pregnancy. They hung a red flag atop my house so that everybody could see and understand the need to help pregnant mothers like me.'"

New Innovations for Preventing and Treating Postpartum Hemorrhage Are Saving Women’s Lives

NASG Use in Nigeria
New research and analysis from Pathfinder International, the University of California San Francisco Safe Motherhood Program, and PATH shows that innovative, collaborative efforts to address postpartum hemorrhage are working.

Pathfinder Chosen by USAID to Lead New Bangladesh NGO Health Service Delivery Project

Pathfinder is thrilled to announce we have been chosen to lead a new Bangladesh NGO Health Service Delivery Project. The project will support delivery of essential health care services through a network of NGO clinics in Bangladesh.
Type: Press Release
Country: Bangladesh
Focus Area: Systems Strengthening

Pathfinder Joins Coalition of Organizations in Open Letter to United Nations on Sexual and Reproductive Health

An Open Letter to Delegates for the 44th Session of the United Nations Commission on Population and Development.

Pathfinder International Contributes to Successful Maternal Mortality Intervention in Bangladesh

The Bangladesh Maternal Mortality and Health Care Survey 2010 shows a dramatic decline in maternal mortality from 320 per 100,000 live births in 2001 to 194 per 100,000 in 2010.

The Forgotten Health Crisis

Issues of death in childbirth are a forgotten crisis, one that demands further attention in the United States.

The issue is a very personal one for me, because doctors say that if my mother did not have some of the best obstetric care in the world—right here in the United States—my birth would have killed both of us.

Dr. Shabnam Shahnaz, Pathfinder's Bangladesh Representative, Presents to The World Bank on Applying Low-Cost, Low-Tech Solutions for Better Maternal Health Outcomes

The World Bank in Washington, DC will host Pathfinder's Bangladesh Representative, Dr. Shabnam Shahnaz, to discuss the potential and challenges that low-cost and low-tech interventions hold for reducing maternal deaths in developing countries.
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