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Pathfinder Launches Burundi’s First Cervical Cancer Prevention Program

On August 19, 2016 Pathfinder International was pleased to inaugurate the first cervical cancer prevention program in Burundi. Burundi has the 8th highest rate of cervical cancer in the world.

Interview with Chantal Inamahoro

Recently Women at the Center sat down with Chantal Inamahoro, Country Representative for Burundi at Pathfinder International, to speak about reproductive health and family planning in her country.

Burundi: Using Contraceptives to Battle Population Growth

Burundi is showing great progress in achieving the ambitious worldwide goal of FP2020: 120 million more women and girls with access to contraceptives and information about family planning.

Since Pathfinder started working in Burundi in 2007, the contraceptive prevalence rate rose in Kayanza from 7% to nearly 30% in 2013 while in Muyinga province it went from 12% in 2007 to 35% in 2013.

Mothers Against Malnutrition

In Burundi, most of the population is affected by acute food insecurity, climate hazards and limited access to land. Pathfinder is one organization working to address the resulting malnutrition.

In recognition of the crucial role of mothers in reducing Burundi's shocking malnutrition rates, Pathfinder International has launched the Mamans Lumières programme in June 2011, to empower mothers to improve the health of their children.

Are Implants the Future of Family Planning in Burundi?

Through its E2A project, Pathfinder is bringing implants to Burundi. After just five months of availability, the Jadelle Implants emerged as the third most accepted family planning method after injectables and oral pills.

The Ministry of Health in Burundi could not introduce the Jadelle implant services to all health facilities in the country. This led to partial and non-implementation of the intervention in Kayanza and Muyinga Provinces. In order to complement the government effort, the Evidence to Action for Strengthened RH for Women and Girls (E2A) project through its country partner, Pathfinder International-Burundi, stepped in to fill the gap.

New Innovations for Preventing and Treating Postpartum Hemorrhage Are Saving Women’s Lives

NASG Use in Nigeria
New research and analysis from Pathfinder International, the University of California San Francisco Safe Motherhood Program, and PATH shows that innovative, collaborative efforts to address postpartum hemorrhage are working.

Linking Conservation And Development To Save Africa’s Largest Lake

In Western Tanzania, Pathfinder and the Nature Conservancy have teamed up to tackle issues in health and environment simultaneously with a project that recognizes the unique relationship of a population and their ecosystem.

This year, the Nature Conservancy is working with Pathfinder International in Western Tanzania to prove that protecting the health of individuals and their natural resources (food, water, soil) will improve their livelihoods significantly as opposed to only treating one issue.

Burundi's Mamans Lumieres Illuminate Path to Child Nutrition

Mothers in Muyinga, Burundi benefit from courses about malnutrition and food groups, making it easier to raise healthy children.

"We have learned about the three food groups—protein, fats, and carbohydrates—and how to mix them properly, something we didn't know how to do before," Nizigiyimana said. "By doing this, our children have gained weight, have much better appetites, and are happier overall."

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