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Pathfinder Seeks Collaboration With Niger State On Reproductive And Maternal Health

Pathfinder has indicated interest to support Niger State Government’s through an holistic health reform agenda to provide affordable and qualitative healthcare services for Nigerlites.

Despite the odds, one doctor promotes family planning in Muslim Nigeria

For 10 years, Dr. Farouk Mohammed Jega has been championing evidence-based arguments to try to persuade clerics that Islam supports family planning methods, contrary to the views of many clerics in Nigeria.

Fit contraception to local needs, health workers urged

Giving women the option of using contraception tailored to their individual circumstances is vital to increasing birth control in developing countries, an event heard last week.

Nigeria Antenatal Care Study Published by PLOS ONE

Pathfinder's Assessment of the Quality of Antenatal Care Services Provided by Health Workers Using a Mobile Phone Decision Support Application in Northern Nigeria Study was published in the PLOS ONE journal.
Type: Press Release
Country: Nigeria
Focus Area: Maternal & Newborn Health

Pathfinder Staff Heavyhearted After Boarding School Tragedy in Nigeria

Yesterday, Pathfinder was outraged to learn that more than 50 male boarding school students lost their lives in a senseless attack in the Yobe state of Nigeria.
Type: Press Release
Country: Nigeria
Focus Area: Advocacy

One Step to Saving a Million Lives

Pathfinder's m4Change project contributes to the government of Nigeria's goal to save one million lives in three years using a mobile phone application.

Pathfinder International embarked on a project designed to help Nigeria get to that goal. It began equipping community health extension workers with CommCare, a mobile phone app that collects information needed to determine the kind of antenatal health services provided to mothers.

Pathfinder International Outraged by New Law Restricting LGBT Rights in Nigeria

Less than a month ago, we expressed our deep concern regarding the enactment of anti-LGBT laws in both India and Uganda. At that time, we pledged to redouble our efforts in support of human rights for everyone, everywhere we work.

Pathfinder Partner Dr. Laura Stachel Nominated as one of CNN’s Top 10 Heroes of the Year

Pathfinder is delighted to share that a friend of our maternal health work, Dr. Laura Stachel, has been nominated as one of CNN’s Top 10 Heroes of the Year.

Pathfinder Awarded New Grant to Improve Reproductive, Maternal, and Child Health through Mobile Health Services

mHealth Nigeria
Pathfinder International is delighted to announce that we have been chosen as one of several winners of a new grant from mHealth Alliance and the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad).

New Innovations for Preventing and Treating Postpartum Hemorrhage Are Saving Women’s Lives

NASG Use in Nigeria
New research and analysis from Pathfinder International, the University of California San Francisco Safe Motherhood Program, and PATH shows that innovative, collaborative efforts to address postpartum hemorrhage are working.

Ford Foundation Rounds Off International Fellowships Program in Nigeria

The International Fellowships Program leaves a legacy as the Ford Foundation closes out the ten year project, including the Nigeria-based program led by Pathfinder International.

According to Farouk Jega, the country representative for Pathfinder International, Nigeria, 175 fellows have been recruited into the Nigeria programme since 2001.

He also said 44 per cent are women, while 56 per cent are men. He said 11 percent of the fellows are “people with special needs”.

Type: Pathfinder in the News
Country: Nigeria
Focus Area: Advocacy

Pathfinder Announces New Maternal Health Awards from Merck for Mothers

Merck for Mothers
Pathfinder International is pleased to announce three new grants to support maternal health projects in India, Nigeria, and Peru.

The Main Causes of Maternal Death in Nigeria Can Be Avoided

Northern Nigeria is one of the most dangerous places in the world to give birth, but most of the cases of unsafe delivery can be avoided.

Hauwa Mansour Waziri, the nurse who heads the hospital's pre-natal clinic, says that between 350 and 450 pregnant women, some as young as 15, now take advantage of these services each week. Some travel from neighbouring states to receive ultrasounds, counselling on "danger signs" in pregnancies, and information on nutrition. They are strongly urged to arrive at the hospital to deliver "while you can still walk". Those who wait until the last minute can endanger the life of their child.

Solar-Powered Blood Transfusion System

Pathfinder International developed a solar-powered blood transfusion system to aid cases of postpartum hemmorhage, making childbearing safer.
Blood transfusion is essential for preventing maternal death from postpartum hemorrhage but blood bank refrigeration is a problem in areas without reliable electricity. With funding from the Cloverleaf Foundation, Pathfinder International developed a solar-powered system to address this problem.

Pathfinder Co-Hosts Film Screening of The Edge of Joy, New Documentary on Maternal Health in Low-Resource Countries

In the one-hour documentary, The Edge of Joy, filmmaker Dawn Sinclair Shapiro follows an ensemble cast of doctors, midwives and families to the frontlines of maternal care, as they battle the second highest number of maternal deaths in the world.

Pathfinder International collaborates with TBA, community to ensure safe motherhood

Pathfinder International collaborates with communities to ensure safe motherhood through community blood donations and the use of trained birth attendants.
As part of efforts to prevent deaths from bleeding in pregnancy, Pathfinder International has intensified efforts at enlightening community members on the need to donate blood voluntarily and seek delivery only from trained birth attendants.

Santa Cruz duo aims to make a difference in Nigeria

An internship team from UC Santa Cruz is in discussions with Pathfinder International to improve maternal care in Nigeria through implementing record-keeping software.
If successfully implemented, "the records will not only inform what doctors do on a clinical level, how they treat a patient, but also on a policy level," he said.
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