The latest in global sexual and reproductive health news

Seventeen Days of Action From Earth Day to Mother's Day

Pathfinder International is proud to join a range of organizations to support the "Million for a Billion" petition campaign. The campaign highlights the linkages between family planning, healthy mothers, and a healthy planet.

Yemeni Communities Unite Against Child Marriage

USAID and community leaders in Yemen, a global "hot spot" for child marriage, strive to make a change.

The initial results of this pilot are promising. In one year, community educators reached 29,000 people, leading to an 18 percent jump in awareness in the benefits of delaying marriage. The program was instrumental in preventing 53 girl-child marriages.

Health project reaches remote areas

Project director in Yemen, Dr. Hamouda Hanafi, is interviewed about the initiatives and accomplishments in the last five years.
The clinics targeted all the rural areas and villages of the six governorates where the project works. We were able to deliver basic health services to areas that had never had access to governmental or organizations' health services working in the area .
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