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Protecting People and the Environment in Lake Victoria Basin

A video provides a snapshot of Pathfinder International’s Health of People and Environment in Lake Victoria Basin project, an integrated population, health, and environment project supported by MacArthur. The project aims to reduce threats to biodiversity conservation and ecosystem degradation in the Lake Victoria Basin while increasing access to family planning and sexual and reproductive health services.

Pathfinder Welcomes Deputy Director of The Nature Conservancy’s Conservation Lands Global Team

Nina Hadley
Pathfinder International is pleased to announce that we will host Nina Hadley, Deputy Director of The Nature Conservancy’s Conservation Lands Global Team, from October 22-25, as part of her fellowship sponsored by The Nature Conservancy.
Type: Press Release
Country: Tanzania
Focus Area: Behavior Change

Pathfinder's Purnima Mane on Family Planning, Saving Lives, and Social Media

+SocialGood talks with Pathfinder International's President and CEO Purnima Mane at Women Deliver 2013 in Kuala Lumpur.

"Our main agenda item (at Women Deliver) is to focus on the countries in which we work. To ensure that the unmet need for family planning is something that's being addressed and learning how we can partner with others working in the same area. And also making sure we're highlighting young people." -Purnima Mane

Pathfinder by the Numbers in 2012: Over 5.6 Million Visits for Contraceptive Services, Nearly 3 Million Visits for Antenatal and Postpartum Care

At Pathfinder International, data is a critical component of our work. Throughout the year, our team tracks the progress of our programs using a set of global indicators. We're pleased to share some of the highlights of the report below.

Empowering Community Health Workers in Bihar: Mobile Academy and Mobile Kunji

In partnership with Mobile Kunji and Mobile Academy, Pathfinder is rolling out a training program for thousands of community health workers who will increase the demand and practice of priority maternal and neonatal health behaviors in Bihar, India.

As part of the Ananya programme, BBC Media Action is working with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to reduce maternal and infant mortality by 40% in Bihar, India by 2015.

Let's Talk Sex

Awareness campaign changes attitude towards sexual health and family planning in Bihar, India.

The moment of awakening for Kumar came during a training programme by an international NGO on reproductive health and family planning. In 2001, Pathfinder initiated a project in Bihar on changing the reproductive behaviour of 650,000 people. Under the first (2001-04) and second phases (2005-08) of project PRACHAR (Promoting Change in Reproductive Behavior in Bihar), 30 local NGOs were trained to develop programmes to educate the youth in five districts, including Nalanda, Nawada, Patna, Gaya and Sheikhpura. Street plays and adolescent training programmes were held to increase mass appeal. During the wedding season, NGOs would visit couples before and after marriage to educate them on contraceptive use and spacing between children.

Sex Workers Assert Their Rights in Pune

Female sex workers in Budhwar Pethare are asserting their civic rights and negotiating with police and civic officials to change their situation, backed by Pathfinder International.

“With our help, the women decided to get together and address their issues collectively. Hence, we held elections in June 2011 and a core committee of 12 FSWs got elected. The task before them was not just related to their business like ensuring no minors in brothels or propagating condom usage but taking up issues beyond their profession," said Dr Khursid Bhalla from Pathfinder International.

Global activists against child marriage garner support in S.Asia

In order to curb high-rates of early marriage, charities like Pathfinder International are supporting "Girls Not Brides" movement.

Representatives from charities in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka gathered in New Delhi last week at the regional launch of the "Girls Not Brides" alliance created by Tutu, 80, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984 for speaking out against white minority rule in South Africa.

The Elders Visit Pathfinder-Supported Initiative to Stop Child Marriage

The Elders Visit Pathfinder-Supported Initiative to Stop Child Marriage
Yesterday, a delegation of The Elders met a group of approximately 20 young people from Jagriti, a new youth-led social change campaign against child marriage, which is supported by Pathfinder International.

Ethiopia Gets On the Pill, and That Matters for Africa

The success in the growth of contraceptive use in Ethiopia is an important story to be told and indicates the importance of government ownership in improving reproductive health.
"Government ownership is critical [for improving reproductive health]," says Dan Pellegrom, President of Pathfinder International, which has worked in the country since 1964." And Ethiopia's government took ownership." That ownership took the form of renewed commitment to women and girls, and creative collaborations with aid agencies to make long-acting contraceptive methods in particular more available. (Injectable contraceptives are by far the most popular method countrywide).

Stigma prevents access to HIV services'

In India, the stigma surrounding HIV makes it difficult to prevent, support, treat, and care.
Darshana Vyas, project director, Pathfinder International, said, "The convention was held at Panhala (Kolhapur district) and was an attempt to re-energise the MSM community, strengthen community feeling and leverage greater leadership and involvement in project governance and implementation."

LifeWrap Anti-Shock Suit Makes Childbirth Safer

Thanks to Pathfinder International, anti-shock garments are saving lives in Northern Nigeria.
"It reduces blood loss by 50 percent and has decreased maternal mortality and morbidity by 40-60 percent in studies in Egypt and Nigeria," says Suellen Miller, RN, Ph.D., director of the Safe Motherhood Program at the University of California at San Francisco, who helped develop the project with Pathfinder and has led trials of the LifeWrap. "Women are able to be stabilized and travel long distances in the garment to large hospitals where they can receive care."

Yemeni Communities Unite Against Child Marriage

USAID and community leaders in Yemen, a global "hot spot" for child marriage, strive to make a change.

The initial results of this pilot are promising. In one year, community educators reached 29,000 people, leading to an 18 percent jump in awareness in the benefits of delaying marriage. The program was instrumental in preventing 53 girl-child marriages.

Health project reaches remote areas

Project director in Yemen, Dr. Hamouda Hanafi, is interviewed about the initiatives and accomplishments in the last five years.
The clinics targeted all the rural areas and villages of the six governorates where the project works. We were able to deliver basic health services to areas that had never had access to governmental or organizations' health services working in the area .

Burundi's Mamans Lumieres Illuminate Path to Child Nutrition

Mothers in Muyinga, Burundi benefit from courses about malnutrition and food groups, making it easier to raise healthy children.

"We have learned about the three food groups—protein, fats, and carbohydrates—and how to mix them properly, something we didn't know how to do before," Nizigiyimana said. "By doing this, our children have gained weight, have much better appetites, and are happier overall."

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