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Rape and Justice: Several laws address rape and domestic violence, but their enforcement is shaky

Several laws and policies address gender violence in Mozambique, including a 2009 law on domestic violence and a new penal code that came into force in June. Yet many problems remain.

One night in April 2013, Luisa, a 46-year-old woman living in a small town in Mozambique, was on her way home when two men dragged her into an abandoned hut and raped her. “I wanted to die, but I told myself I must survive for my daughters,” said Luisa.

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Country: Mozambique
Focus Area: Gender

Vote for Pathfinder During the Month of November!

Pathfinder is on the ballot to receive funding this month from CREDO, America’s only progressive phone company. And we need your help to vote for us—the more votes we get, the more money we’ll receive from CREDO.

Integrated Family Health Program honored by Ethiopia’s Federal Ministry of Health

Pathfinder's Integrated Family Health Program receives trophy recognizing its special contribution to gender issues.
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Country: Ethiopia
Focus Area: Gender

Commemorating White Ribbon Day in Ethiopia

Pathfinder’s Integrated Family Health Project in Ethiopia conducted a one-day panel discussion on gender-based violence.
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Country: Ethiopia
Focus Area: Gender

Egyptian Women Celebrate Increased Opportunity and Empowerment at Project’s Close

Representatives from the Egyptian Ministry of Health, USAID, Pathfinder International, and Egyptian media gathered on August 20 at Cairo’s Intercontinental City Stars Hotel to commemorate the end of the Fostering Opportunities in Rural Southern Areas project.
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Country: Egypt
Focus Area: Gender

Underage: Addressing Reproductive Health and HIV Needs in Married Adolescent Girls

“Globally, this marginalized population of young women has unique needs and rights that need to be addressed and acknowledged,” said Callie Simon, a technical advisor for adolescent sexual and reproductive health with Pathfinder International. “Married adolescent girls have so little power and decision-making over their bodies, over their choices, [and] over their lives."

Commission on Population and Development Champions Reproductive Health and Rights for Sustainable Development

This past weekend, national governments called for the promotion of sexual and reproductive health and rights as a part of the emerging sustainable development framework at the Commission on Population and Development.

Leading Change Beyond the United Nations

Empowering women and girls doesn't require deep pockets or a podium. Pathfinder President Purnima Mane explores empowering women and girls beyond the United Nations.

Women, be good to one another. Ask the younger women in your life to tell you about their aspirations, and help those aspirations grow. When their voice is silenced, elevate it by speaking up yourself. Don't be afraid to tell the truth about women's lives, their power and their potential. "Feminist" isn't a four-letter word and we can't keep treating it like one. Say "yes" to opportunity and "get out of my way" to the social, economic and cultural barriers that try to hold you back.

Pathfinder International and UNFPA Renew Collaborative Commitment to Advance Family Planning, Gender Equality

Today, leaders from Pathfinder International and UNFPA signed a memorandum renewing the organizations’ collaborative commitment to advance family planning and gender equality worldwide.

Pathfinder's Purnima Mane on Family Planning, Saving Lives, and Social Media

+SocialGood talks with Pathfinder International's President and CEO Purnima Mane at Women Deliver 2013 in Kuala Lumpur.

"Our main agenda item (at Women Deliver) is to focus on the countries in which we work. To ensure that the unmet need for family planning is something that's being addressed and learning how we can partner with others working in the same area. And also making sure we're highlighting young people." -Purnima Mane

Women: Producers, Not Just Reproducers

At Women Deliver 2013, conference attendees discuss the idea that maternal health and other gender-related issues don't only affect the lives of women, girls, and children, but also help shape the economies and societies that they live in.

Pathfinder's President Purnima Mane said while better maternal health is a moral and ethical goal in its own right, a stronger economic argument will perhaps bring more pressure to bear on governments, donors, and the private sector to follow through on their commitments. She cited Pathfinder’s SCIP project in Mozambique as an example of a cross-sectoral intervention that combines health, environment, and economic development efforts and improves accountability through close interaction with community and government leadership.

Pathfinder by the Numbers in 2012: Over 5.6 Million Visits for Contraceptive Services, Nearly 3 Million Visits for Antenatal and Postpartum Care

At Pathfinder International, data is a critical component of our work. Throughout the year, our team tracks the progress of our programs using a set of global indicators. We're pleased to share some of the highlights of the report below.

Girls and Women as Catalysts of Change: Our Twitter Chat with Girls Not Brides & Women Deliver

Pathfinder International joined Girls Not Brides and Women Deliver today for a Twitter chat about girls and women as catalysts for change. In case you missed it, we've rounded up some of our favorite takeaways from the event.

Pathfinder to Join Women Deliver and Girls Not Brides for TEDxChange Twitter Chat on Girls and Women

Girls and women are catalysts for change (#girls4change). When girls and women are educated, healthy, and empowered, they invest back into their families, communities, and nations. We know it’s true – when girls and women survive, the world thrives.

Sex Workers Assert Their Rights in Pune

Female sex workers in Budhwar Pethare are asserting their civic rights and negotiating with police and civic officials to change their situation, backed by Pathfinder International.

“With our help, the women decided to get together and address their issues collectively. Hence, we held elections in June 2011 and a core committee of 12 FSWs got elected. The task before them was not just related to their business like ensuring no minors in brothels or propagating condom usage but taking up issues beyond their profession," said Dr Khursid Bhalla from Pathfinder International.

Global activists against child marriage garner support in S.Asia

In order to curb high-rates of early marriage, charities like Pathfinder International are supporting "Girls Not Brides" movement.

Representatives from charities in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka gathered in New Delhi last week at the regional launch of the "Girls Not Brides" alliance created by Tutu, 80, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984 for speaking out against white minority rule in South Africa.

The Elders Visit Pathfinder-Supported Initiative to Stop Child Marriage

The Elders Visit Pathfinder-Supported Initiative to Stop Child Marriage
Yesterday, a delegation of The Elders met a group of approximately 20 young people from Jagriti, a new youth-led social change campaign against child marriage, which is supported by Pathfinder International.

Agents of Change

After hearing news of a story in Ethiopia, Cara Hesse proves that a small effort can produce results.

The chain of events began in March, 2001, when a 13-year-old girl named Woinshet Zebene was abducted from her Ethiopian village and raped for two days. After she escaped, bloodied and bruised, the suspect was arrested and then released on bail. That same week, the man abducted Woinshet again, hiding the girl in his brother's house and raping her for 15 days before she escaped and sought refuge with her grandmother.

Pathfinder Calls for Senate Ratification of CEDAW Treaty

Pathfinder International has submitted a statement in support of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women to the US Senate Judiciary Sub-Committee on Human Rights and Law.
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