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Pathfinder Welcomes New President and CEO, Purnima Mane, and Launches 'Meet the President' Online Series

Pathfinder International officially welcomed Purnima Mane, PhD and life-long champion of sexual and reproductive health and women's rights, as its next president and CEO today.

Roe v. Wade Anniversary: Study Says 'Unsafe' Abortions on Rise

The 39th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the landmark legislation legalizing abortion in the United States, is an opportunity to reflect on global abortion laws and their effects on women.
Various social trends can have an effect on abortion rates, the Lancet report states, though they are difficult to gather local data on, including more women entering the labor force, a rise in the age when women marry, or more sexual activity outside of marriage. The halt in the decline in the rate of global abortions could also be a result of stagnating levels of funding for international family planning, says Cathy Solter, Senior Fellow at Pathfinder International, a nonprofit focused on maternal health and education in developing countries.

Pathfinder International Celebrates 39th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Calls Attention to Need for Increased Family Planning and Safe Abortions Worldwide

Today's 39th anniversary of Roe v. Wade is a critical moment to bring attention to the need for safe, legal, accessible abortion services both in the United States and around the world.

Ethiopia Gets On the Pill, and That Matters for Africa

The success in the growth of contraceptive use in Ethiopia is an important story to be told and indicates the importance of government ownership in improving reproductive health.
"Government ownership is critical [for improving reproductive health]," says Dan Pellegrom, President of Pathfinder International, which has worked in the country since 1964." And Ethiopia's government took ownership." That ownership took the form of renewed commitment to women and girls, and creative collaborations with aid agencies to make long-acting contraceptive methods in particular more available. (Injectable contraceptives are by far the most popular method countrywide).

Pathfinder Applauds Federal Budget Supporting Women Worldwide

Pathfinder International applauds President Obama in his signing into effect a spending bill that supports women worldwide.
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