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Contraceptive Use in Ethiopia Doubles Twice in Ten Years

Thanks to its government, donor resources, local civil society organizations, the private sector, and international nonprofits, Ethiopia has experienced a great change in contraceptive prevalence rate.

New Population, Health, and Environment Program for Lake Victoria

Pathfinder International's New Program to aid Uganda and Kenya in the Lake Victoria Basin was announced on Monday at The International Conference for Family Planning in Senegal.

"This new project is a welcome development for many reasons," said ECSP Director Geoff Dabelko. "It brings the integrated PHE approach to one of the world's greatest lakes, it enables respected health NGO Pathfinder to pursue PHE efforts, and marks the return of a leading private donor, the MacArthur Foundation, to a group of foundations willing to support this innovative approach."

Transforming the Health of Communities and Their Environments

Pathfinder announces a groundbreaking award for an integrated, community-managed population, health and environment project in the Lake Victoria Basin of Uganda and Kenya.

Malária pode ser erradicada do país dentro de dez anos (Portuguese)

Nilton Saraiva explicou que todo o país é endémico, embora as regiões do norte sejam as mais vulneráveis. "A Pathfinder International é um parceiro que tem levado a assistência e os nossos serviços às comunidades, sobretudo às mulheres grávidas. É dos parceiros mais importantes que temos", disse.

Esso Invests USD 24 million to Fight Malaria

Since 2003, Esso Exploration Angola, the oil company, has invested about 24 million USD in programs that fight against malaria.
Speaking to the press, Miguel Cordeiro said the amount has been invested in distribution of mosquito nets, training of health personnel and awareness campaigns against the disease. He said that the combat against malaria in pregnant women has been highlighted because it constitutes a major cause of death in this population group.
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