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For Better Health of Women and Children, Pakistan Needs Political Will

Pakistan family planning
Speakers at a seminar organized by Pathfinder International say political will is necessary to address the unmet need for family planning and other women's health services in Pakistan

Investing in women’s health not only improves her life, but the quality of life of her family, community and eventually her country. More than half of the world’s unpaid labour comes from women, therefore, their contribution needs to be recognised.

Pathfinder Applauds President Barack Obama's Presidential Memorandum on Women and Girls

On Wednesday, President Obama took a significant and critical step in ensuring continued support for the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls globally.
Type: Press Release
Focus Area: Advocacy

Pathfinder Congratulates New Secretary of State John Kerry, Supports Focus on Women and Girls

Secretary of State John Kerry
Pathfinder International congratulates John Kerry on his confirmation to serve as the next US Secretary of State and asks for Kerry's continued support of women’s health and rights.
Type: Press Release
Focus Area: Advocacy
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