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Harvard Business School Publishes Case Study of Pathfinder International Large-Scale HIV Prevention Program in India with Most-At-Risk Populations

Harvard Business Publishing and Harvard University's Global Health Delivery Project have published a new case study highlighting Pathfinder International's innovative HIV prevention program in India with most-at-risk populations.

'Anti-Prostitution Pledge' Ruling Corrects Misguided, Harmful Policy

Kristy Kade argues that the recent Second Circuit ruling that the US cannot withhold HIV/AIDS funding to organizations based on their stance on prostitution corrects a policy that tied the hands of organizations working to stop the spread of HIV.

We have no desire to judge, condemn or further stigmatize the very individuals we are trying to help, driving them further underground, limiting their ability to access healthcare, provide for their families or eventually leave the industry. Does this mean Pathfinder supports or promotes prostitution? Of course not. Does the US government think so? That is another matter entirely.

Cancerous concerns

Rates of cervical cancer in Pakistan are grounds for concern while many resist HPV Vaccine.
On a visit to St Paul's Hospital's Cervical Cancer Prevention Unit working under Pathfinder, a starkly simple solution for early detection of cervical cancer in an economical and effective manner stared at me. The Unit consisted of three tiny rooms with the simple most equipment, and an old steel bed for patients. A senior nurse professional met us, who heads the small team responsible for detection of the earliest signs of cervical cancer of so many women, and in turn saving their lives.

Victory for Free Speech and Public Health

Today, a Federal Appeals court in New York upheld a case brought by Pathfinder International and Alliance for Open Society International, which challenged a government rule commonly referred to as the anti-prostitution loyalty oath.
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