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IAVI Welcomes New Members Purnima Mane and Alice P. Albright to Board of Directors

Pathfinder President and CEO, Purnima Mane, joins the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative Board of Directors.

"As a former member of IAVI’s Policy Advisory Committee, I have long believed that the development of a safe and effective HIV vaccine is essential to bringing an end to the AIDS pandemic,” Purnima Mane, President and CEO of Pathfinder International, said. “That conviction has been reinforced continually over nearly three decades of work in areas related to AIDS and sexual and reproductive health. I look forward to working with IAVI to help make the goal of a broadly effective AIDS vaccine a reality.”

Youth and Yearning

With support from Johnson & Johnson, Pathfinder launched a health learning program for in- and out-of-school youth in Can Tho city and Thai Nguyen province to change attitudes and improve knowledge about HIV through life skills-based education.

“I remembered our life-skills forums where we had an opportunity to deal with similar scenarios. I was confident to share with him my feelings, my nervousness and my expectation that I preferred to delay,” one young woman said.  “He agreed with me and showed respect to me. I was very happy.”

Pathfinder International at the 2012 International AIDS Conference

 Pathfinder International at the 2012 International AIDS Conference
Pathfinder is pleased to have more than 20 posters, presentations and events at the 2012 International AIDS Conference. Learn more about our presence in DC July 22-27, 2012.
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Pathfinder Organizes Workshop on Policies for Ethnic Minority Students in Medical Education in Viet Nam

Pathfinder Organizes Workshop on Preferential Policies for Ethnic Minority Students in Medical Education in Viet Nam
On July 17th, 2012 Pathfinder collaborated with the Parliamentary Committee for Social Affairs to organize a workshop to review existing policies for ethnic minority students in medical education.

Pathfinder Pledges Additional $3 Million Over 2 Years for Family Planning

Pathfinder Pledges Additional $3 million Over 2 Years for Family Planning
Today at the Family Planning Summit, Pathfinder's President Purnima Mane announced that Pathfinder will commit an additional $3 million by 2014 to its already robust family planning related programs.

Lack of Political Will, Funding Killing Pakistani Women

One in every 89 Pakistani women will die of childbirth-related causes compared to 1 in 8,000 in the developed world.

“We have committed a lot but funding support toward the achievement of these is quite insufficient. With this pace of growth and lack of family planning policy it is difficult for Pakistan to achieve the targets by 2015, rather it would require the next 10 years to do achieve these goals,” Tauseef Ahmed, Pathfinder's Pakistan Country Representative, said.

Family Planning Summit on World Population Day Heralds a New Era of Hope

Today’s landmark Family Planning Summit hailed the right of every woman to choose if, when and how often to bear children and marked a return of world attention to an essential human right and the core of Pathfinder’s work: access to contraception.

Pathfinder International Joins DFID and Gates Family Planning Summit in London

Photo of family planning services in Burundi
On July 11, the UK Government and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with UNFPA and other partners, will hold a groundbreaking Family Planning Summit in London.
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