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Burundi's Mamans Lumieres Illuminate Path to Child Nutrition

Mothers in Muyinga, Burundi benefit from courses about malnutrition and food groups, making it easier to raise healthy children.

"We have learned about the three food groups—protein, fats, and carbohydrates—and how to mix them properly, something we didn't know how to do before," Nizigiyimana said. "By doing this, our children have gained weight, have much better appetites, and are happier overall."

Pathfinder International "Fingers Crossed" Ad Starts The Conversation

A conversation about contraception and family planning is prompted by Pathfinder's "Fingers Crossed" Ad.
According to Online and New Media Editor at Pathfinder International, Jaime-Alexis Fowler, this is a critical conversation starter to discuss one of the greatest risks for women: lack of access to quality reproductive health care

Some Organizations Supporting Women in Developing Countries

Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheyl Wudunn compile a list of organizations that support women in developing countries for the New York Times.
This is not a rating, screening or exhaustive list; it is a quirky compendium of groups both small and large that we've seen in action.
Type: Pathfinder in the News
Focus Area: Advocacy

Medical education project sees significant achievements

In Vietnam, a project to increase education in reproductive healthis met with success.
Supported by international donors, particularly Pathfinder International, which was the execution and technical support agency, the project expanded in 2006 to cover eight of the nation's 10 medical schools throughout the country.
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