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Ensuring Access to Safe, Legal Abortion: A Global Movement Grows

On September 28th, women’s health groups will come together to mark the Global Day of Action for Access to Safe, Legal Abortion. Pathfinder's Purnima Mane and Planned Parenthood MA's Dianne Luby, joined together to share their thoughts on RH Reality Check.

Sarah O., a young mother in Ghana, is one woman who faced an impossible decision about her body and health. Already struggling to support six children, Sarah learned she was pregnant with a seventh. She traveled to a local clinic where she sought the advice and counsel of one of the nurses on staff, in confidence. The nurse did not think Sarah should end the pregnancy. When she was unable to convince Sarah to raise another child, the nurse told Sarah to carry the pregnancy to term and then she or one of the other nurses would adopt the child. Sarah left the clinic and returned home. A few days later, the staff at the clinic learned that Sarah had died from sepsis after attempting to terminate the pregnancy herself. This sad loss might have been avoided if Sarah had received appropriate counseling, nonjudgmental care, and had genuine access to her full range of options.

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Pathfinder International Joins Global Day of Action for Access to Safe, Legal Abortion

On September 28th, national and international women’s health groups will come together in their respective countries – some acting openly for the first time—to mark the Global Day of Action for Access to Safe, Legal Abortion.

Sex Workers Stand Up Against Forced Vargani Collection

This Ganesh festival, commercial sex workers at Budhwar Peth can heave a sigh of relief as the demand for vargani (monetary contribution) has gone down considerably. Sex workers have stood up for their rights and protested against forcible collections.

 “Ever since the CLC was set up as part of a project by Pathfinder International’s programme — Mukta — women have found a platform from where they can discuss their concerns and interests,” says T K Jayarajan, deputy director (documentation), Pathfinder International.

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