Pathfinder Announces New Maternal Health Awards from Merck for Mothers

Pathfinder International is pleased to announce three new grants to support maternal health projects in India, Nigeria, and Peru.

The three-year grants, made by Merck through their Merck for Mothers Program, build upon Pathfinder’s wealth of global experience addressing maternal health, including the recent successful implementation of our Clinical and Community Action to Address Postpartum Hemorrhage model in Bangladesh, Burundi, India, Nigeria, Peru, and Tanzania.


In the past twenty years, India has reduced its maternal mortality ratio significantly. Yet due to its large population size, the absolute number of Indian women who die from pregnancy-related causes remains the highest in the world.

With support from Merck, Pathfinder will collaborate with World Health Partners, an international non-profit which addresses health needs in rural and neglected communities using communication and diagnostic and medical technology, to create a health service delivery network of private sector providers trained in maternal health services. Together, Pathfinder and World Health Partners will work in three districts of Uttar Pradesh to:

  • Establish a network of private health providers and referral centers offering affordable antenatal care, emergency obstetric care and family planning services for women.
  • Strengthen the capacity of and linkages between rural private and public sector health providers to offer high‐quality maternal health care aimed at preventing and treating PPH.
  • Improve community awareness regarding risk factors during pregnancy, how to access maternal health services, and how to access emergency transportation.

All providers will be trained in Pathfinder’s innovative and proven approach for Clinical and Community Action to Address Postpartum Hemorrhage (CCA-PPH), which, since 2007, has been implemented in four states in India (Bihar, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu).


According to recent estimates, nearly 40,000 maternal deaths are recorded in Nigeria each year. Postpartum hemorrhage and pre-eclampsia/eclampsia are Nigeria’s two leading causes of maternal mortality. With support from Merck, Pathfinder will address both in Nigeria by:

  • Improving the quality of services and build capacity of government to address PPH and severe pre-eclampsia/eclampsia.
  • Incorporating the CCA-PPH Plus model into the pre-service training curriculum of CHEWs.
  • Ensuring that misoprostol is available at the community level for the prevention of PPH.


There have been significant advances in the field of reproductive health in Peru, but there continue to be pockets of high maternal mortality, including in the region of La Libertad, where Pathfinder will be implementing a comprehensive program to improve the quality, accessibility, and use of maternal and neonatal health services. With support from Merck, Pathfinder will:

  • Build capacity of physicians, nurses, and midwives to provide quality maternal and neonatal health services
  • Increase community awareness and engagement so mothers and their families can make well-informed health care decisions

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