Pathfinder Condemns the Kidnapping of Nigerian School Girls

One month ago, nearly 300 Nigerian school girls were thrust into an unimaginable nightmare. They were seized in the night by armed men dressed as soldiers who said they were there to protect them. Nothing could have been further from the truth. The men were militant extremists who kidnapped them and burned down their school.

Pathfinder International joins the international community in condemning this act of violence, in calling for the safe return of these girls to their families and communities, and in advocating for good and responsive models of governance to prevent and bring about an end to violence.

Unfortunately, this violence is not new. In Nigeria and other parts of the world, girls and young women are being targeted with violence, intimidation, and discrimination; and their schools are being destroyed. Schools the world over should be places of safety and security, places where one learns and grows to participate fully and equally in public life, and places where one does not fear violence and persecution.

Girls and young women, and boys and young men should have the right to an education, a right to live free from intimidation and persecution, and all forms of violence.

Pathfinder stands with the families of these young girls, we call for their safe return, and hope the government of Nigeria will provide them with the needed services to overcome this unimaginable trauma.

Type: Press Release
Focus Area: Advocacy

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