What We Do

Whether it's choice about contraception, maternal care, or HIV treatment, there is a name and a face associated with all of our work. We focus on improving sexual and reproductive health care for all. To do so, Pathfinder has nine main focus areas. Explore our areas of work by clicking below:

Adolescents & Youth

Pathfinder was one of the first organizations to recognize and act on the unique sexual and reproductive health needs of young people. Our programs capitalize on the vitality, potential, and dynamism of young people, including having them as active partners in developing, implementing, and evaluating programs.


Pathfinder's advocacy work stresses the importance of sexual and reproductive health services. Pathfinder utilizes research findings, data, and programmatic expertise to advocate for policies and budgeting decisions that promote the best public health practices

Cervical Cancer Prevention:

Pathfinder is currently focused on increasing access to and use of cervical cancer prevention services among HIV-positive women in Ethiopia.

Contraception & Family Planning

For more than 55 years, improving access to contraception and family planning has been core to Pathfinder's mission. Our goal is to advance opportunities for women, men, and adolescents to make choices about their sexual and reproductive health through access to contraceptive services and information.


We use our unique and long-standing experience in community, sexual and reproductive health, local capacity development, and gender activities to contribute to HIV programming in over a dozen countries.

Maternal & Newborn Health:

Pathfinder works to develop a replicable continuum of care model so that mothers and their newborns have access to help and information at every point during pregnancy and childbirth—from the household to the hospital—and then safely home


Pathfinder believes integrating technology solutions can improve the quality of health services and systems, reach more clients with behavior change interventions, and streamline data collection and use

Population, Health, and Environment:

Using the PHE approach, Pathfinder is improving access to reproductive health services while empowering communities to manage their natural resources.


Pathfinder believes access to abortion services is not only a public health imperative, it is also every woman's right. As part of our mission, Pathfinder helps ensure the availability of safe, legal abortion services that are performed by well-trained providers so that every woman has options and can make choices about what is best for her wellbeing and future.

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