Arise: Addressing Unmet Need for Contraception among HIV-Positive Women in Northern Uganda

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At a community dialogue meeting, people living with HIV, religious leaders, elders, local councilors and other opinion leaders, and health service providers discuss emerging issues, like access to family planning services.

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By promoting dual method use (using a condom and a contraceptive method), the ARISE project seeks to avert unintended pregnancy and prevent HIV infection.

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“We use condoms. I’ve been married to
my husband for 34 year, and we are living positively with HIV. We are blessed with four children. We have been using condoms for the last three years…” -AL, a client

Arise reached HIV-positive women living in post-conflict districts of Uganda with family planning through integrated services. Pathfinder incorporated new family planning services into existing prevention of mother-to-child transmission and antiretroviral therapy services by working closely with community groups to build demand for those services. Arise also collaborated with facilities to ensure quality family planning counseling, referrals, and contraceptive availability.

In year three of the grant, the project has continued to surpass its quarterly targets to reach HIV-positive women with family planning/HIV integrated services. This has been achieved through accessing family planning/HIV integrated services at the health facility, through community counseling and referrals, and through provision during community dialogues where family planning/HIV integration is discussed. An endline assessment is underway to analyze project results and achievements.



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