APHIAplus Northern Arid Lands

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The APHIAplus Northern Arid Lands project has surpassed many targets, including reaching more than 250,000 people with counseling and testing services for HIV and AIDS.

Photo by Sarah Day

A community health worker counsels a woman and her baby.


APHIAplus (AIDS Population and Health Integrated Assistance Plus) was a two-year health services delivery project funded by USAID that built on work carried out by APHIA II (2006-2010). APHIAplus projects were implemented in five zones covering all the provinces in Kenya.

Project profile

The APHIAplus Northern Arid Lands was implemented through a partnership between Pathfinder International, Management Sciences for Health, IntraHealth International, Food for the Hungry, and the International Rescue Committee.

APHIAplus Northern Arid Lands covered Tana River in the Coast and the whole of North Eastern province as well as the Counties of Turkana, Samburu, Marsabit, Moyale, Isiolo. Health status and infrastructure throughout this region is generally poor and much of the population is nomadic, thus creating challenges to improving access to health services.


APHIAplus worked through the provincial health systems in Kenya. Activities were carried out through the provincial and district health offices, penetrating down to the district health facilities and then to the community level. Planning was carried out in collaboration with the Ministries of Health to promote a coordinated approach. At the national level, service delivery was complemented by different mechanisms (e.g. training, renovations, health management information systems etc.)

APHIAplus Service Delivery represented a transition from emergency response type approach into building sustainable systems. Through these systems, service delivery for HIV and AIDS, tuberculosis, reproductive health and family planning, maternal and child health and malaria could be implemented to ensure equitable access for all people but especially for the most vulnerable, poor and marginalized.

Service Delivery in the Coast Province was supported by two projects: APHIAplus Nairobi-Coast and APHIAplus Northern Arid Lands.



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