Certification Strategies for the School-Based Program Geracao Biz

Pathfinder has been implementing the Geração Biz Program, a multi-sectorial program for the promotion of sexual and reproductive health (SRH) and HIV and AIDS prevention among adolescents and youth, for more than a decade with the support of several donors.

It is implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and civil society organizations and youth associations. The project aims to reduce the vulnerability of adolescents and youth to reduce illnesses through the promotion of SRH information (including HIV prevention), the adoption of skills to enable a safe transition to adulthood, and the delivery of quality clinical services.

Two years ago, Geração Biz was identified as a national model program. As a result, the project was included as part of the Five-Year Plan of the Mozambican Government (2010-2014) as the guideline for standardization of actions in SRH and HIV prevention with adolescents across the country. Its implementation takes place at different levels (central, provincial, and district), with the technical, programmatic, and financial support of UNFPA, Pathfinder, and bilateral cooperation agencies (DANIDA, NORAD, and Sida). Geração Biz has implemented three main strategies focused on integrating its own sustainability with the government's strategy: improvement of management systems; promotion, institutionalization, and sustainability of the program at different governmental levels; and the involvement of social and political support networks.

In 2012, Geração Biz will be funded through an allocation by the Mozambican Government, split across three ministries at the central and provincial levels. UNFPA is also expected to provide additional funds. This model is used by many other country programs for information sharing opportunities, and is being replicated in South Africa. Additionally, the project was selected by FHI as a good practice case study in 2011 for HIV programming for young people.



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