eHealth in Viet Nam

In order to strengthen planning and management in the health sector in Viet Nam and reduce inequities among poor and vulnerable populations, Pathfinder is implementing activities that will enhance the health management information system (HMIS) and improve decision-making using better quality and timeliness of health information. The ultimate goal of the project is to roll out an improved HMIS, leading to better planning, better policy formulation, and better management of health programs across the country. Viet Nam will have an HMIS platform with simple data entry screens and sophisticated and user-friendly, customizable, frontend data presentation for more effective decision-making at the facility district and province levels. The system will integrate with the architecture of the information technology application and HMIS of the Ministry of Health.

In support of this goal, Pathfinder is working to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Roll out an effective, well managed, and fully functioning HMIS model in Thai Nguyen province
  2. Increase the provincial and district level capacity to use the HMIS model for effective data analysis and evidence-based planning
  3. Replicate and scale up the HMIS model in one other province and advocate for nationalization of the HMIS model


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