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Eye Kutoloka

With funding from USAID and in partnership with World Learning, Pathfinder improved the capacity of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and local governments to deliver quality health services in eight provinces: Uige, Zaire, Kwanza Norte, Bengo, Malange, Benguela, Kwanza Sul, and Huambo.

The project had three objectives:

  • Strengthen NGOs in management planning and budgeting for improved community health, malaria and HIV prevention, management, and education programs
  • Increase the capacity of municipal health teams to deliver and expand better quality health services
  • Enhance the capacity of NGOs to advocate for better service provision

The project built upon the malaria prevention and family planning/reproductive health work that Pathfinder had already completed in Angola throughout the past decade.

As a means of strengthening NGO capacity, the project conducted a participatory institutional assessment. As a result of these findings, the NGOs received support in defining their own organizational development priorities. The project provided mentoring in monitoring and evaluation, project design and development, and strategic planning. In addition, the project developed a standard output database that captures all of the activities undertaken by the five NGOs in different provinces. The database was designed to enhance the capacity of local health information systems and is currently being tested by the NGOs. Project staff also developed the first-ever National Malaria Protocol Manual in coordination with the Ministry of Health.



Your support is critical to ensuring our work can continue. Your gift of $25 or $50 helps women and families access contraception, maternal and newborn care services, and a range of other reproductive health services.

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The project initiative was to improve maternal health outcomes in the communities neighboring two new maternity health centers built by Pathfinder in two municipalities

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The project goal is to focus on young women of reproductive age and to increase contraceptive prevalence in Angola. National level objectives are addressed by assisting the government, MOH, and Luanda Provincial Health Directorate.



Chevron donates ambulance to Bibiyana Clinic

Chevron Bangladesh President Kevin Lyon handed over an ambulance for two Smiling Sun clinics, established by Chevron to serve the communities near its Bibiyana gas field. Implemented by international NGO Pathfinder International, the clinics are under the nationwide USAID-sponsored Smiling Sun Franchise Program.

Malária pode ser erradicada do país dentro de dez anos (Portuguese)

Nilton Saraiva explicou que todo o país é endémico, embora as regiões do norte sejam as mais vulneráveis. "A Pathfinder International é um parceiro que tem levado a assistência e os nossos serviços às comunidades, sobretudo às mulheres grávidas. É dos parceiros mais importantes que temos", disse.

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