Female Sex Workers Study

Pathfinder works with the University of California, San Francisco to conduct an integrated biological and behavioral surveillance survey among female sex workers in Mozambique. This study aims to measure HIV prevalence, related risk behaviors, and access to prevention and care services among this population. Surveying these most-at-risk populations provides valuable information for understanding how they influence the HIV epidemic and contribute to planning prevention and treatment programs. Pathfinder uses its strong in-country expertise and outreach experience with vulnerable populations to support the logistical and organizational arm for the survey among female sex workers in three sites in Mozambique.

The female sex worker study began in September 2011 and is now complete; study results will soon be disseminated. In February 2012, a long-distance truck driver component was added to this study, which will estimate the prevalence of HIV, associated risk behaviors, and prevention indicators among this group in Mozambique. Results of this study component will also soon be disseminated.



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