Health of People & Environment in Lake Victoria Basin

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“In these remote, resource dependent areas of the world, the interconnectedness between the health of people and the health of the environment is undeniable,” Sono Aibe, Pathfinder’s Senior Advisor for Strategic Initiatives.

Photo by Pathfinder Uganda

Empowering families to meet their health needs and sustainably manage natural resources on which they depend will ultimately improve quality of life and conservation of fragile ecosystems.

Health of People & Environment in Lake Victoria Basin (HoPE-LVB) project is led by Pathfinder International, in consortium with local communities and partners—Ecological Christian Organization and OSIENALA-Friends of Lake Victoria, Kenya.

The Lake Victoria Basin includes five countries where economic and social development depends upon the health of a shared ecosystem. Lakeside communities are among the densest, poorest, and least food secure populations in the world due to intertwined challenges.

HoPE-LVB is an integrated Population, Health, and Environment (PHE) project that aims to reduce threats to biodiversity conservation and ecosystem degradation in the Lake Victoria Basin while simultaneously increasing access to family planning and sexual and reproductive health to improve maternal and child health in project communities. The project will develop and test two scalable models for building capacity and promoting an integrated set of PHE interventions, which will be adopted by communities, local governments, or national governments.

Project themes include fisheries and land management, wetlands protection, alternative income generation, women's empowerment, health systems strengthening, and activities to promote maternal health and family planning.



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