Implementation of Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission Services in Kenya

Photo by Mary Burket

At each stage of the maternity cycle and beyond—including the time before a woman is pregnant, the antenatal period, labor and delivery, and postpartum— Pathfinder seeks to minimize the risk of HIV transmission.

The program focused on increasing access to HIV counseling and testing services for pregnant women, improving antenatal care services, increasing access to prophylactic antiretroviral (ARV) drugs for HIV-positive mothers and HIV-exposed infants, promoting early diagnosis and treatment of opportunistic infections, and providing nutritional support and counseling on infant diagnosis.

With long-term support from CDC, this project worked in 262 sites, ensuring the universal provision of high-quality PMTCT services in Government of Kenya facilities. The project was also committed to creating a supportive environment for PMTCT plus services through more community and male partner involvement in HIV prevention, care, and support.



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