Improving HIV Prevention for Youth through Youth Education at Schools and in the Community

Photo by Idriss Bigou-Gilles

Preliminary results show marked improvement in youth’s awareness, skills, and attitudes about sexual and reproductive health after joining the program. The number of youth seeking services at youth-friendly facilities has increased by 26 percent.

Photo by Ehrin Mackesey

At the Viet Bac Mountainous school in Thai Nguyen province, young people participate in a large youth forum to develop life skills-based SRH/HIV education.

Photo by Ehrin Mackesey

A young woman takes part in “The youth contest on life skills-based SRH/HIV education for youth at schools and in the community.”

With funding from the Johnson and Johnson Foundation, Pathfinder designed a life-skills based approach to address sexual and reproductive health issues for youth in Viet Nam using life-skills-based HIV education in schools and in the community.

Successful achievement of the project’s activities led to a significant increase in knowledge and improvement of skills for youth in HIV prevention and sexual and reproductive health and utilization of youth friendly sexual and reproductive health services. The end-of-project evaluation confirmed that the project effectively addresses the needs of young people through effective and attractive approaches, and that the model designed by the project has been institutionalized in schools and Youth Union in the targeted provinces. The donor recently approved funding of a scale up project in the province of Quang Ninh.

Successful implementation and positive results of this project led to the approval of new funding by the Johnson and Johnson Foundation for a scale up project in two schools and two districts in Quang Ninh. This project aims to arm participating youth with appropriate knowledge and skills to prevent HIV infections, to address their sexual and reproductive health needs, and to prevent sexually transmitted infections and unintended pregnancies through life skills based interventions in schools and communities. The project is expected to contribute to decreasing new HIV infections among youth in the Quang Ninh province.

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